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NXP Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology for Smart Wireless Devices

NXP Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology for Smart Wireless Devices

Graphic image highlighting NXP Ultra-Wideband Technology; learn more about this for your smart devices and procurement needs at Sourcengine.

NXP’s UWB technology enables secure ranging and precision sensing adding spatial context to wireless devices. Processing contextual information such as position, movement, and distance enables decision making to take place with high granularity.

Ultra-Wideband has many applications for wireless devices including device-device, smart enterprises, smart mobility, smart home, smart retail, and tagging

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Ranging and Sensing Technology Explanation and Applications

UWB initially served as technology for high data rate communication and as such competed with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Having transformed from data transmission to a secure ranging technology, today’s UWB technology offers new opportunities that drive applications in the IoT.

UWB technology is highly applicable to the future in automotive applications. The video below explains the ultra-wide possibilities with ultra-wideband sensing.

Key fobs enabled with UWB get “Access Denied” and “Access Granted” right every time. Volkswagen and NXP preview a concept car that shows how UWB technology can protect against car theft via relay attacks – and boost convenience and safety in the car. With UWB, the system precisely measures the travel time of the signal between the key and car for unprecedented localization accuracy – a few centimeters in real-time. This accuracy, combined with low power consumption, enables a great number of use cases for future cars: preventing theft, recognizing users by their gestures, verifying the child seat positioning and even automating the trailer hitch.

Additionally, NXP’s UWB technology is applicable to various industries, including:

  • Mobile: secure transactions and augmented reality
  • Industrial: supply chain management, industrial connectivity, factory automation, building automation
  • Automotive: connectivity and secure car
  • Smart City: smart retail
  • Smart Home: smart home access, toys and gaming

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