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NXP - LPC5500 - M33 MCU Series

NXP - LPC5500 - M33 MCU Series

NXP's LPC5500 featured product at Sourcengine, the largest e-commerce marketplace for electronic components.

NXP Semiconductors has married next-generation performance with the peace of mind provided by end-to-end encryption with its LPC5500 MCU series. The mass-market family of microcontrollers utilizes ARMs Cortex-M33 technology to provide significantly enhanced architecture, integration, and power consumption compared to prior generation MCUs.

With the LPC5500 series, NXP has introduced the world’s first general-purpose Cortex-M33 microcontrollers. The LPC55S6x MCU family leverages a proprietary DSP accelerator to offer 10x cycle reduction, a significant improvement in signal processing capability. These high-efficiency chips utilize Arm’s new Armv8-M architecture to achieve new levels of performance.  

In addition, the LPCXpresso55S69 development boards offer flexible and powerful platforms for NXP’s Cortex-M MCUs. The boards allow for expansion using Arduino, Mikroe, and PMod headers and feature a high-speed USB port and Link2 debugging probe. In tandem with the LPC55S69 dual-Cortex-M33 core processors, they allow for rapid evaluation and prototyping.

Furthermore, NXP’s Cortex-M33 microcontrollers feature advanced security functionality thanks to their SRAM PUF-based root of trust and provisioning. The LPC5500 single and dual-core MCUs also provide real-time execution from encrypted images (internal flash) and system-wide asset protection via Arm’s TrustZone technology.

Boasting seven scalable families and a host of memory and package options, the LPC5500 MCU series are a versatile and secure solution for a range of consumer and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) products.


  • Robust offering and scalability with 40 nm cost advantage, comprehensive memory and package options, and powerful enablement including MCUXpresso Software and Tools ecosystem
  • Groundbreaking performance efficiency of 30uA/MHz via integrated DC-DC interconnectors and dedicated co-processors that allow for cryptographic acceleration and signal processing
  • High-grade and accessible IoT security with SRAM PUF, real-time encrypted images, and Arm TrustZone asset protection
  • Over 370 CoreMarks (96 MHz) which ensures productive awake time
  • On-chip memory
  • Core Platform: Arm Cortex-M33
  • FPU, MPU, SIMD, TrustZone
  • DSP accelerator: Arm Cortex-M things 33 (Optional Core) and Crypto Engine
  • Analog: ACMP, ADC, and Temp Sensor
  • Interfaces: 8 x FlexComm, HS LSPI, SDIO, and FS USB + PHY
  • Programmable Features: Programmable Logic Unit
  • System Control: Power Control
  • Single V DC power supply
  • POR and BOD
  • Reduced power modes – DC-DC convertor: Clock Generation Unit, Secure DMA0, and Secure DMA1


  • Building control and automation
  • Consumer electronics
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Industrial IoT
  • Machine learning
  • Secure applications

NXP’s LPC5500 series microcontrollers are an ideal solution for companies interested in developing game-changing consumer and industrial IoT products. The chips possess a combination of next-generation level performance, low power consumption, and end-to-end security that tomorrow’s networks require.

NXP LPC5500 Series MCUs


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