Intelligent Automotive Trends for 2020 and Beyond

We’ve certainly come a long way in the automotive industry since the first Model-T was produced in 1908. For decades, vehicular advancements were measured in horsepower, miles per gallon, torque, and other electro-mechanical attributes. And in many ways, they still are. However, with the exciting new world of connected automobiles in full swing, cars are just as likely to be gauged on their Wi-Fi capability as their fuel efficiency. Let’s review some connected automobile trends to watch for in 2020 and the coming decade.

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TE Connectivity AmbiMate MS4 Sensor Series

Thanks to the increasing popularity of business automation and smart home connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding. As designers aim to add more innovations to this evolving landscape, TE Connectivity presents some easily integrated solutions with its application-focused AmbiMate sensor module MS4 series.

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New Cuffless Portable Medical Systems by Maxim Integrated

The changes that occur in the medical and fitness industries, along with the associated electronics and wearable devices, can be described as truly revolutionary. The needs of today's healthcare device markets are becoming increasingly specific.

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New ON Semi IoT solution: Remote Wireless Sensing, Battery-Powered, Node-to-Cloud

Designers will be able to cut their time-to-market down, thus saving design time costs, and get on to the next project sooner with this complete solution from ON Semiconductor

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