Samtec Mini Mate Isolated Power Connectors

Samtec Mini Mate isolated power connectors IPS1 and IPT1 are offered at Sourcengine. Buy and get competitive pricing from Samtec factory direct.

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Samtec SEARAY SEAF & SEAM Connectors

Samtec’s new SEARAY SEAF and SEAM connectors provide designers the versatility needed for Ethernet, fiber channel, and other high-performance protocols. These high density and high-speed components support an impressive 56 Gbps pulse amplitude modulation at four levels (PAM4).

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Samtec ExaMAX® High-Speed Backplane System: Featured Product Summary

The ExaMAX® contact system achieves two reliable points of contact at all times and minimizes residual stub for improved signal integrity performance, while providing low mating force and excellent contact normal force. Signal wafers incorporate a one-piece, embossed ground structure which improves crosstalk performance.

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