Supply chain professionals using computers to order electronic components on Sourcengine.

5 Benefits of Using Sourcengine as a Registered User

Sourcengine takes pride in helping manufacturers accelerate their operations and lower procurement risks via the power of digitization. Here are just five benefits of becoming a registered user on Sourcengine today.

Image of man standing in front of computer screen; part of a video that explains why it's important to buy from Sourcengine.

5 Reasons to Buy On Sourcengine

Sourceability's latest tool, Sourcengine, offers a full suite of digital procurement tools. Here are 5 reasons to sign up for a free account today.

Graphic image highlighting NXP Ultra-Wideband Technology; learn more about this for your smart devices and procurement needs at Sourcengine.

NXP Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology for Smart Wireless Devices

NXP’s UWB technology enables secure ranging and precision sensing adding spatial context to wireless devices. Processing contextual information such as position, movement and distance enables decision making to take place with high granularity.

Image with researching electronic components printed on it; learn more about supply chain and procurement options at Sourcengine; upload BOMs and receive alternates on your list of parts.

The Right Research & Right Parts: How Supply Chain Software Enhances Electronic Component Sourcing

Are you making the best possible purchase for your company in terms of value, reliability, and price? The lack of a viable supply chain management (SCM) process to browse, select, and source electronic parts has a significant negative impact on ROI.

4 ways to improve your purchasing strategies for electronic components. Learn how Sourcengine can help you with all your needs.

4 Tips to Improve Your Purchasing Strategies for Electronic Components

Buying electronic components is easier than ever. It’s also more difficult than ever. Let us explain.

Graphic image of a component data sheet containing alternates. Take a look at Sourcengine's alternate component listings to see how it can save you money during the procurement process.

Overcome Shortages and Lower Costs with Better Technology, Better Data, and Better Sources

Sourcengine automates sourcing processes and offers traceable sources globally.

Graphic image resembles a chip on a prefabricated board. Learn how Sourcengine's BOM tool can be the solution for your procurement needs in the electronic components industry.

Purchasing Options & E-Commerce: Streamlined Solutions for Today’s Electronic Components Supply Chain

The electronic parts market is larger than ever and e-commerce solutions are a great way to level the playing field and bring purchasing power to those who need it most.

Sourcengine logo. Take a look at the world's largest ecommerce marketplace for sourcing electronic components.

Sourcengine - The World’s First Global E-Commerce Components Marketplace

Watch the story of Air Electro, a vendor on Sourcengine, that recently provided feedback on how the platform is improving their business.

Graphic image showing a connector on PCB; learn more about using Sourcengine.

Why Sourcengine? Part 2

Part 2 of Why Sourcengine takes an inside look at some of the capabilities of the e-commerce side of Sourcengine from Yashar Shahabi, Senior VP of Digital Solutions.

Graphic image of a laptop connected to a circuit board and downloading things from China, which is in the cloud. Learn more about solving a closed b2b market with Sourcengine, the e-commerce marketplace for electronic component buyers.

How To Solve A Closed B2B Market

Explore the 2 types of B2B markets and how they have affected China, a country traditionally closed to the B2B landscape.

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