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5 Reasons to Buy On Sourcengine

5 Reasons to Buy On Sourcengine

Image of man standing in front of computer screen; part of a video that explains why it's important to buy from Sourcengine.

Sourcengine now offers a full suite of features for procurement professionals in the electronic components industry. These include:

  1. Real-time Data - With a Sourcengine account you can break regional boundaries by comparing global prices, availability, and lead times on millions of parts, plus, access to the following: Over 500 million datasheet, compliance information, parametric data, and fit, form, and function alternates.
  2. Over 2,000 Qualified and Traceable Suppliers - Sourcengine allows you to buy from over 2,000 authorized, factory direct and verified traceable component suppliers in a single trusted transaction using Sourceability's rigorous and unbiased verification program.
  3. A 3 Year Warranty on All Parts - Still not convinced about buying components online? Sourcengine stands by it's vendors and offers a 3 year warranty on all parts we sell.
  4. Powerful BOM Tool - Use Sourcengine's BOM tool to quote up to 10,000 lines in under one minute, get real-time supplier feeds, and issue a single PO for your entire bill of materials.
  5. Bonded Inventory - When Sourcengine bonds your EAU in one of Sourceability's global facilities, we guarantee continuity of supply keeping your production lines moving.  Additionally, Sourcengine allows you to schedule your deliveries 12 months out and only invoicing for what we have shipped.

Visit Sourcengine to learn how you can simplify your procurement process and be a supply chain superstar; schedule a demo with a Sourcengine representative today.

Check out the video on LinkedIn and see all our platform updates and industry content.

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