Technician practicing best MRO procedures at an electronic components manufacturing plant. Learn about best new practices for maintenance, repair, and operations at Sourcengine.

Best MRO Procedures for the Electronic Components Industry in a Post-Pandemic Era

The electronic components industry has learned many lessons during these past months. The coronavirus pandemic has not only taught the importance of digitalizing supply chains, but also maintaining proper maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) procedures. Learn the best new practices in MRO here for the electronic components industry.

Two executives standing in front of computer screens analyzing supply chain disruption patterns. Are you concerned about mitigating supply chain risk in the electronic components industry? See how Sourcengine can help.

Developing Disaster Preparedness Strategies in the Electronic Components Industry

The electronic components industry has to prepare for the unexpected so its supply chains do not experience disruption. However, this is easier said than done. What are some practical steps to prepare for the unexpected? Read on to learn more.

Picture of airplane and cargo liner traveling across globe, meant to depict various supply channels. What will happen as companies reshore in the electronic components industry? Find out at Sourcengine.

Supply Chain Realignment and Reshoring in the Electronic Components Industry

Many manufacturers are now looking into reshoring in light of supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus. As new supply routes open up as a result, how will this change supply and demand?

Two supply chain specialists using tablet computers while checking components. See how your supply chain can be made more agile with technology platforms like Sourcengine.

Three Ways Procurement Specialists Can Create Agile Supply Chains in the Electronic Components Industry

Creating an agile supply chain that can react quickly and decisively to unforeseen events is crucial. The pandemic has shown this very clearly, and now, companies should not wait on insulating their processes. Take a look at these three suggestions on creating agility in the supply chain structure of today.

Supply chain professional in the electronic components industry checking a list of parts against stock on hand. Build supply chain resiliency today with Sourcengine.

3 Reasons to Build a Resilient Supply Chain Now in the Midst of the Pandemic

A recent survey from Bain & Company reveals not only the necessity of building a more resilient supply now due to the pandemic, but also the benefits from a strategic perspective of growth and revenue in the future.

5G antenna tower; fifth generation technology is set to drive semiconductor demand in 2020 and beyond

How 5G will Drive Semiconductor Demand in 2020

5G technology is a driving force in the semiconductor industry. As companies come out from under the coronavirus pandemic and resume production, they all have an eye on this transformative tech. Learn how it will reshape communities in 2020 and beyond.

A design engineer wearing MRO equipment (maintenance, repair, and operations) while he words on a circuit inside the lab; find out more on acquiring MRO/PPE equipment at Sourcengine.

Preparing for MRO Shortages in Electronics Manufacturing During the Coronavirus

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) equipment is essential in electronics manufacturing. It keeps production lines moving and factories operating. But with a global pandemic ongoing, equipment can become scarce, thus jeopardizing production. Here are 3 tips to keep your MRO operations moving.

Cargo trucks driving with the sunset in the backdrop as the deliver component supplies to manufacturing companies; find out why supply chain professionals must digitize the chain now in 2020.

3 Reasons Manufacturers Should Digitalize Supply Chains in 2020

Digitalizing the component supply chain has always been a priority, but the pandemic has now made it essential. Learn 3 reasons why digitizing supply chain procedures now is of utmost importance to today's OEMs, CMs, and SCMs.

Component under a scope for inspection, image of the world globe behind it; electronic component availability is a problem in the new normal, find out how Sourcengine's e-commerce marketplace can help.

Electronic Components Availability and Pricing in the 'New Normal'

In the "new normal," the work of electronics manufacturing has become more difficult and complicated. However, companies can find success in the contemporary landscape by embracing new technologies that track component availability and price fluctuations.

Engineer dressed in personal protective equipment while working in a component lab. Maintenance, repair, and operations equipment is a necessity to protect people during the new normal, take a look at Sourcengine's line of MRO to keep your company moving.

The Vital Importance of MRO to Electronic Manufacturing Production Lines

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) supplies are in high demand right now. Shortages caused by the pandemic are threatening production lines with a new enemy besides supply chain disruption. How can MRO specialists avoid and keep production moving in this trying time? Find out more.