Electronic components worker using a tablet with motion tracking capabilities to keep track stock. Sourcengine carries Jorjin's component chip that can help with this and other Industrial Internet of Things.

Jorjin’s WS211X Series for Asset Tracking & Smart Sensing

Jorjin's WS211X series is an affordable yet multifaceted solution for production facilities, warehouses, and stores wanting to optimize asset tracking. The series’ discrete size also makes it an excellent option for medical facilities that need to chart their patients’ movements.

Smartphone users holding phones in hand that have Maxim Integrated components. Search Sourcengine's platform for the latest components and multiplexers to use in your next build.

Maxim Integrated’s MAX4704 4:1 Analog Multiplexers

Maxim Integrated's MAX4704 4:1 Analog Multiplexer is a versatile and powerful component. So much so, that design engineers should keep it in mind as they look forward to the next evolution of product. Learn more.

Micron RLDRAM 3 written on set of internet servers. Learn more about what Micron can do for your company at Sourcengine.

Micron Technology RLDRAM 3

Micron Technology has reached a new benchmark in technical sophistication with its RLDRAM 3 chips. Take a look at our review and current offerings for this product and more from Micron Technology.

Tile with Samtec's QTE-040-01-F-D Market Trend Analysis displayed on it. Learn more about Sourcengine's lifecycle articles for components.

Samtec QTE-040-01-F-D-A Market Trend Analysis

A popular Samtec item, the low profile board stacking connector, QTE-040-01-F-D-A, has shown a nice steady price trend over the last year, despite the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Image with Dapu Telecom circulator and isolator components displayed on it. Learn more here at Sourcengine on Dapu's components and how they can help your next build.

Dapu Telecom's game-changing new line of 5G circulator/isolator components

Dapu Telecom's game-changing ciculator/isolator series is perfect when building out your 5G infrastructure. These base stations are suited for extreme environments and will help OEMs corner a piece of the multi-billon dollar 5G market.

Image with Micron Technology CIO RLDRAM 2 written on it. Sourcengine carries stock and availability data on RLDRAM; upload your BOM today to get pricing.

Micron Technology CIO RLDRAM 2

In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, manufacturers need components that can sustain high levels of bandwidth with an absolute minimum of lag. Accordingly, Micron Technology developed its second-generation common input/output reduced-latency dynamic random access memory (CIO RLDRAM 2) chips. By implementing the memory device in their systems, developers can benefit from better than DDR3 performance with the ease of use of an SRAM-like interface.

Image with Intel Xeon Gold 6 Processor typed on it. This and other microprocessors are available at Sourcengine, the largest e-commerce marketplace for electronic components.

Intel Xeon Gold 6152 Processor

In 2019, industry analyst firm IC Insights pegged Intel as the world’s best-selling semiconductor manufacturer. The firm earned that title on the strength of its exceptional processors, which are used in millions of PCs and data centers across the world. For instance, the Xeon Gold 6152 CPU is a multifaceted and powerful microprocessor that is one of the standout components of Intel’s Skylake line. Learn more about the series in this article.

Tile with TDK Lambda 300W-504W Quarter Brick Converter printed on it. Learn more about this component (including pricing and availability) at Sourcengine.

TDK-Lambda 300W-504W Quarter Brick Converters

Since 1978, TDK-Lambda has provided manufacturers with best in class power solutions. As such, the firm has a keen understanding of the demands of modern information and communication technology equipment. To that end, the firm introduced its iQG Series 300W-504W Quarter Brick Converters, a robust line of devices with a broad array of applications. Learn all the features of this series in this article.

Image with Broadcom's BCM56980BOKFSBG StrataXGS Tomahawk printed on it. Learn about compatibility and availability of this chip on Sourcengine.

Broadcom BCM56980B0KFSBG StrataXGS Tomahawk 3 Chips

Cloud data centers will process an estimated 19,590 EB in data flow by 2021. As such levels of traffic would strain the capabilities of current generation networking hardware, Broadcom recently introduced a new solution. The firm’s StrataXGS Tomahawk 3 series of chips can tackle the challenges of hyperscale throughput.

Image with Maxim Integrated printed on it; Sourcengine carries this company's components on its e-commerce platform.

Maxim Integrated Products: Dual-Synchronous Buck Controllers

Maxim Integrated designed its MAX8537 and MAX8539 buck controllers to serve as a power management component for systems that utilize double-data-rate memory (DDR). Learn how this product series enables networking gear and consumer electronics to function seamlessly.