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Dapu Telecom's game-changing new line of 5G circulator/isolator components

Dapu Telecom's game-changing new line of 5G circulator/isolator components

Image with Dapu Telecom circulator and isolator components displayed on it. Learn more here at Sourcengine on Dapu's components and how they can help your next build.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that 5G is about to revolutionize data transmission rates as we know it. 5G will transform the way people connect to and interact with the internet; from manufacturing, transportation, and professional as well as personal connectivity...all of it will change over night.

But before any of this can happen, 5G first needs robust infrastructural support.

As it happens, Dapu Telecom recently launched a new line of circulator/isolator components that can provide just the support necessary to not only get 5G networks off the ground, but also running at optimum levels for years to come.

The Wonders and Drawbacks of 5G

The great promise of 5G is that its high bandwidth capacity allows for the transfer of large amounts of information very quickly. In addition to being 10 times faster than fixed home broadband connections, the technology offers almost no lag time. As such, the groundbreaking communication technology can facilitate the creation of self-driving cars, fully automated factories, and augmented reality eyewear.

However, like all wireless technologies, 5G is vulnerable to outside attenuation and intermodulation distortion. Factors like extreme temperatures, signal reflection, poorly constructed components, and outside electromagnetic fields can significantly diminish the potency of mobile data networks.

Dapu Telecom has addressed these problems by developing a series of circulators/isolators that can improve the function of 5G base stations.

How Dapu Telecom's Components Optimize 5G Networks

Founded in 2005, Dapu Telecom has established a reputation for releasing innovative and high-quality microelectronic devices. In fact, the manufacturer now maintains a 50 percent market share of time-frequency devices utilized in 5G networking equipment. As such, it is unsurprising that the firm has developed a high-quality line of fifth-generation network applicable circulator/isolator products.

The corporation's new components offer a minimum of 0.15-decibel insertion loss with 32 decibels of return loss and isolation. The manufacturer’s wireless network circulator/isolators have a peak power rating of 2500W and a reflected power tolerance of 200W.  Utilizing both surface mount and drop-in device configurations and a 5 mm to 40 mm footprint, these circulator/isolators are built for maximum versatility.

Dapu also addressed when wireless network challenges due to environment conditions occur. The company’s DP001C and DP002C devices operate at frequencies of 2496MHz to 2690MHz, and temperatures of - 40°C to 110°C. Similarly, the firm’s DP003C and DP004C components function at 3400MHz to 3600MHz with a temperature range of - 40°C to 105°C.

Given their ruggedness, versatility, and functionality, Dapu Telecom's wireless circulator/isolators are ideal for application in 5G networks.

A $47 Billion Market Opportunity

According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the 5G infrastructure field had a total value of $784 million last year and will rise to a stunning $47.77 billion by 2027. The organization states the growing popularity of virtual networking architecture, increased mobile data traffic, and machine-to-machine communication is driving the segment’s explosive growth.

For this reason alone, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) operating within the wireless communications and datacoms industries would be well-served by investing in Dapu’s communication products. OEMs can address carriers’ concerns about performance quality as well as offer peace of mind regarding durability and reliability. Firms utilizing its components can set themselves up for success as they pursue a piece of this $47 billion market opportunity.

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