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GlobalWafers Acquires Siltronic for $4.5 Billion

GlobalWafers announced its intention to buy Siltronic for €3.75 billion ($4.5 billion) earlier this week. The Taiwanese corporation expects its purchase of the German company to be complete by the first half of 2021.

Component chips lined up on display; take a look at the driving factors that will shape the semiconductor industry in 2021 here at Sourcengine.

2021 Industry Insight: Predictions and Expectations for the Semiconductor Sector

The semiconductor industry experienced both hardship and growth in 2020. As this tumultuous year comes to a close, we set our eyes on 2021 and examine the trends, innovations and factors that will drive component manufacturing forward.

An Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) device on display for the medical field. Learn more about new IIoT trends that will come about in 2020.

Emerging Industrial Internet of Things Trends in 2020

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology has been reshaping the manufacturing industry as we know it. See how this technology is even more important in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

A 3D printer being used by a group of people. This is just one example of the acceleration of the 4th industrial revolution. Read more on Sourcengine about where the industry is going.

Power Electronics, Acceleration of Digitalization & the 4th Industrial Revolution

What do power electronics and components like power diodes, thyristors, MOSFETSs, and IGBTs have to do with the acceleration of digitalization? According to Dr. Faraz Ali, they will be the catalyst for the Industry 4.0 revolution. Read on to learn more.

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Texas Instruments ADS1210U/1K 24-Bit Analog to Digital Converter Market Trends Analysis

This article talks about Texas Instruments' (TI) ADS1210U/1K market performance analysis. In this deep market performance analysis we talk about the pricing, stock levels, alternates and the design risk factors over a period of time. Learn all the details of ADS1210U/1K to make effective purchasing decisions.

Image with Texas Instruments OPA548F/500 Power Amplifier Market Trend Analysis typed on it. To learn more about the electronic components marketplace, follow Sourcengine.

Texas Instruments' (TI) OPA548F/500 Power Amplifier Stock Levels Fall

This article talks about Texas Instruments' (TI) OPA548F/500 market performance analysis. In this deep market performance analysis we talk about the pricing, stock levels, alternates and the design risk factors over a period of time. Learn all the details of OPA548F/500 to make effective purchasing decisions.

Clock superimposed on images of robotic arm, smartphone signal tower, and more. 5G applications and specifically clock applications will be a big draw in 2020; learn more here at Sourcengine.

5G Applications and Required Electronics Components: What About Clocks?

Clocks and time keeping remains an important facet of the scientific and technological advancement in new millennium, that has paved the way for ingenious applications. One of the best examples of clocks and timing module as an electronic component can be found in 5th Generation of telecommunication technology (5G), which is the latest communication standard. Being rolled out at the time of writing this article, 5G is the thriving source and enabler of applications, which are defining how we will remember the earlier decades of the 21st century. Learn about the impact of 5G technology on Massive MIMO, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, and IoT in this article.

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What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active Components? Procurement Professional Driven Education

Do you know what passive devices are? While engineers and designers within your organization know, procurement personnel may not be up to speed with passive devices. If you’ve involved with e-procurement or supply chain processes and your curiosity about passive electronic components is anything but passive, keep reading!

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Qorvo’s TAT6254C FTTP RF Amplifier

Notably, Qorvo makes a fiber to the premises (FTTP) radiofrequency (RF) amplifier, the TAT6254C, that can facilitate the deployment of ultra-high-speed home internet.