A stack of microprocessors with black boards and golden pins. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine can ship robust, high-performance microprocessors worldwide

Sourcengine has the microprocessors electronics manufacturers need in stock and available for shipment around the globe thanks to its many supplier relationships and global logistics network.

A closeup on a pile of inductors with copper winding and one with magnetic core. | Sourcengine

Erocore offers passive components the latest consumer electronics require

Erocore becoming an innovative player in the passive components sector. As a result, manufacturers can utilize its parts to meet robust demand for consumer electronics this holiday season.

A pile of connectors of varying sizes, colors. and types. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine now hosting world-class connectors from Amphenol, Molex, and TE Connectivity

Sourcengine has an extensive selection of fully traceable Amphenol Corporation, Molex, and TE Connectivity connectors in stock thanks to our partnership with a franchised distributor. Even better, the components are available for delivery worldwide

Eleven transistors of varying sizes in a pile | Sourcengine

Texas Instruments has the parts OEMs need to make the 2021 holiday season profitable

The global chip shortage has greatly strained the electronic components supply chain. However, Texas Instruments currently offers multiple parts to help OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers meet their holiday season production targets.

A pile of 11 analog integrated circuits | Sourcengine

Analog Devices’ Popular Components Available Despite Global Disruption

Analog Devices’ innovative development and production methodologies have been tested by recent industry-disrupting events. Thankfully, many of its most popular industrial and automotive components are readily available for purchase.

An industrial gripper robot in an automated factory; Sourcengine provides a three-year warranty for all electronic components purchase through its marketplace.

Texas Instrument's New DC/DC Buck-Boost Converters Can Make IIoT Projects Better

Texas instruments’ latest DC-DC buck-boost converter can extend the battery life of IIoT equipment by up to 50 percent. The component is also available with minimal lead time.

Microchip being produced under a power microscopic lens; passive and reactive component lead times have increased during the global chip shortage. Are you prepared? Try using for all your sourcing needs.

Passive, Reactive Component Lead Times Increase Amid Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage is affecting lead times in all categories. Now, passive and reactive components (capacitors, inductors) are seeing lead times increase. Get the latest information on manufacturers feeling the crunch.

Individual using a smart phone to gain access via a touchless entry point system; for the latest electronic components industry trends in 2021, see Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Contactless Entry Systems

Our latest entry in the Electronic Components Industry Trends series for 2021; contactless entry systems are already in high demand for obvious reasons. What are some of the components going into these helpful and life-saving systems? Find out here on Sourcengine.

Medical equipment on display; SL Power Electronics is an industry leader in medical field components. For more on buying its components, see Sourcengine.

SL Power Electronics Makes Exceptional Mission-Critical Power Solutions

SL Power Electronics harnesses its expertise in the areas of lighting, industrial, and medical fields to release mission-critical products that offer long-term dependability.

Person paying at a POS machine with a smart watch; for the latest on wearables component trends in 2021, see Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Wearables

Though the electronic components industry has been riddled with shortages due to the automotive sector, it doesn't mean that development stops in other verticals. One to watch in 2021? Wearables. The pandemic has taken this vertical to new heights as everyone looks to monitor personal health.