Graphic showing logos for both Cypress Semiconductor and Infineon. Read about Cypress' recent acquisition of Infineon at Sourcengine.

Cypress Semiconductor Acquired by Infineon Following A Security Review

Infineon successfully acquires Cypress Semiconductor in a $10 Billion deal. Despite the concerns regarding the acquisition of Cypress, the U.S. National Security has approved the merger after a review.

APEC 2020 logo; read about its cancellation here at Sourcengine.

APEC 2020 Cancelled: Good Things Will Come to Engineers Anyway

APEC 2020 Cancelled: There was an APEC news release today cancelling the APEC conference in New Orleans. This was the right decision. Many companies and personnel had already decided to cancel before the announcement.

Graphic with supply chain predictions printed on it. Learn more about supply chain predictions for the electronic components industry at Sourcengine.

New Decade, New Developments: Supply Chain Projections for 2020

The 2010s are over. One of the most consequential decades in the history of supply chain management – particularly for electronic components – won’t soon be forgotten.

Graphic with AI, Emerging Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2020 printed on it; learn more about AI and other technology trends at Sourcengine.

Emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch in 2020

So what does AI’s brave new world have in store for 2020? Sourcengine’s AI parts and components consultants thinks the following trends will define AI well into the next decade.

Person holding a smartphone in hand with 5G overlaid on top of the picture. To learn more about 5G, just search one of the many articles here on Sourcengine.

The 5G Forecast: How Will the Technology Impact the Industry?

Regarding 5G technology, here’s the question everyone wants to know: how will 5G impact the communications industry? The better question might be: how won’t 5G impact the industry?

Graphic banner image that reads: Taiwan's Yageo to buy rival Kemet. Learn how this impacted the components industry at Sourcengine.

Yageo to Acquire Competitor Kemet in $1.8 Billion Deal

Taiwan’s Yageo Corporation is set to acquire its U.S. competitor KEMET Corp in $1.8 billion deal with a goal of expanding its global footprint.

Image with Electronic Component Market Summary printed on it; to learn more about the market and where to procure BOM items from, check out Sourcengine.

Monthly Electronic Component Market Summary: September 2019

From unexpected robotics investment to strong semiconductor growth in East Asia, September was a benchmark month for IoT device production and associated electronic components. Here a few noteworthy developments for sourcing professionals to monitor in the coming weeks and months.

Image with Internet of Things, Market Trend News printed on it. Procure parts for your next IoT development at Sourcengine.

IoT Sensor Manufacturers 2019: Market Trends News, Analysis & More

The current Internet of Things (IoT) sensor market is growing rapidly, and is projected to exceed $27 billion by 2022. As suppliers ramp up production to satisfy strong demand for IoT products, procurement specialists, designers, engineers, and others should keep an eye on the major players in the global marketplace – and even a few up-and-coming companies, too.

Graphic image of BOM results on a screen. Are you looking for a quick and easy way to procure your list of parts through a BOM? Sourcengine's new BOM tool allows you to upload 2,000 line items, add all to cart with a click of a button, and to complete transactions on that list from over 2,600 traceable suppliers.

Make Your BOM Work Smarter: Streamline, Simplify and Source Electronic Parts with Supply Chain Software

While most project managers, engineers, and product supply chain personnel don’t consider the BOM an order-ready resource, today’s advanced supply chain software (SCM) enables easy integration and ordering for even the most data-rich BOMs.

Image with 1900+ traceable vendors printed on it. Since then, Sourcengine now has 2,600+ traceable vendors and offers a 3-year warranty on all electronic components purchased through the marketplace.

How Traceable Sources Boost Quality, Reduce Errors, and Shorten Delivery Times

Supply chain management is only as strong as its weakest link. For many supply chain processes, this vulnerability happens when electronic parts aren’t accompanied with 100% traceable sources.