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How Traceable Sources Boost Quality, Reduce Errors, and Shorten Delivery Times

How Traceable Sources Boost Quality, Reduce Errors, and Shorten Delivery Times

Image with 1900+ traceable vendors printed on it. Since then, Sourcengine now has 3,000+ traceable vendors and offers a 3-year warranty on all electronic components purchased through the marketplace.

Supply chain management is only as strong as its weakest link. For many supply chain processes, this vulnerability happens when electronic parts aren’t accompanied with 100% traceable sources.

Without traceable sources, your supply chain software has most of the information required for parts delivery. But a mere 97%, or even 99%, of the complete picture simply won’t suffice. With traceable sources, particularly on a global scale, the entire SCM process is made complete in more ways than one.

But what exactly is traceability for the supply chain environment in the electronic component industry? Simply put, traceable sources allow you to define, track, and identify the building blocks of your finished product (electronic components, parts, etc.) from raw material to deliverable project. This information allows accurate tracking from order to delivery. Traceable sources promote exceptional quality control practices, reduce the chance of errors, and meet regulatory requirements.

Traceable Sources: The Key to Fluid, Flexible SCM

If you’re involved with procurement for electronic parts (ordering, design, V&V, etc.), finding those replacement electronic components that are true “plug and go” accessories is only possible with comprehensive traceable sources. In a nutshell, you need to know the following characteristics about your electronic parts:

  • Performance characteristics
  • Realistic delivery times
  • Vendor quality
  • Vendor reliability
  • Product price (obviously one of the most important elements of electronic components sourcing)
  • And much more

Sourcengine™ goes the extra mile with electronic parts traceable sources. Thanks to a powerful BOM management system (vendor dashboard, API, and intuitive search tools, sourcing and buying from 1,900 distributors in one place) and associated data to verify electronic components across the entire global supply continuum, your supply chain software will meet and exceed expectations each time, all the time.

Let’s see how traceable sources improve the complete supply chain management cycle, along with the prevalence of incomplete sourcing and its impact on project deliverables.

Common Problems, Uncommon Solutions: How Supply Chain Software Helps with Traceable Sources

If supply is halted due to unforeseen circumstances and causes a delay in shipment (especially for crucial electronic components or other accessories), your entire project is jeopardized. The fix seems easy, but is more difficult than it appears on the surface.

Simply cross-referencing the part number(s) in question is a common solution, but delivery times for suitable replacements may not align with project delivery times – not to mention, your project deliverable scope. This problem is one of the major hurdles that prevents on-time completion of assemblies, and the impact goes far beyond simply missing a deadline. Customers will consider alternatives if you’re not able to complete their project – all due to unreliable traceable sources.

At Sourcengine, we tackled this issue immediately. We offer alternates to your originally searched parts. We only show the alternates that are ready to ship and transactable on the spot. Simply click on the “Alternates” to see a drop down of the available crosses.

Enjoy the Advantages of Traceable Sources and Complete E-Commerce Capability with Sourcengine

Does your supply chain software go above and beyond traditional electronic parts traceability to shorten lead times and provide exceptional value? Sourcengine delivers complete traceability for all of your parts and raw materials. With the ability to view, sort, and source active offers from electronic components suppliers, our supply chain software ensures that all electronic parts are sourced from reputable, reliable vendors.

This inventory, a critical part of your supply chain system, is completely traceable and 100% accurate from initial offer to final delivery. Effective SCM processes are, to some degree, part investigative research and part project management. When your e-commerce platform includes superior traceable sources for electronic components, you’re able to navigate both elements seamlessly.

Whether you buy or sell electronic parts or simply require complete traceability for your SCM, Sourcengine is the clear-cut supply chain software solution. View a demo of our turnkey traceable source software today. Don’t let a small problem with your SCM software become major issues with vendors, customers, and projects – get started today and see how we can help. And if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our supply chain software, feel free to contact us.

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