Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) logo; with semiconductors in short supply, manufacturers should look to AOS for crosses and alternates. Take a look at Sourcengine for more information on AOS lead time, availabilities and pricing.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) Lead Times Provide Great Opportunity for OEMs

Reports have AOS lead times at almost half that of other semiconductor manufacturers. With chips in short supply right now, they might be the answer for both EMS and OEM companies.

Passive, Reactive Component Lead Times Increase Amid Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage is affecting lead times in all categories. Now, passive and reactive components (capacitors, inductors) are seeing lead times increase. Get the latest information on manufacturers feeling the crunch.

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in 2021

Navigating the complexities of the component supply chain will be like a maze in 2021. Learn how to navigate and overcome them with the power of Sourcengine.

Sourcengine's Dashboard for Electronic Components Procurement

Sourcengine's dashboard is full of tools that every procurement department can utilize to maintain supply chains in the electronic components industry. Take this brief tour to learn how it can help your company in daily procurement operations.

Semiconductor Demand Results in Production Capacity Shortage

Semiconductor production capacity has been stretched to its breaking point, in large part due to demand from the automotive industry. How will the industry respond to such volatility in production capacity and pricing?