Black and white Playstation 5 controllers side by side; take a look at the trends in the gaming industry that will drive the electronic components market in 2021 here at Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends In 2021: Gaming Consoles

The console wars are heating up with the recent release of both the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. What trends will drive the industry forward in 2021 and will they inform supply and demand in the components market? Find out here at Sourcengine.

2021 Industry Insight: Predictions And Expectations For The Semiconductor Sector

The semiconductor industry experienced both hardship and growth in 2020. As this tumultuous year comes to a close, we set our eyes on 2021 and examine the trends, innovations and factors that will drive component manufacturing forward.

3 Signs the Semiconductor Industry is Making a Strong Recovery amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has hit every industry around the globe. More so than others, the semiconductor industry found itself scrambling to secure supply chain lanes and funnels. How is it faring as we enter yet another stage of the pandemic?

Sourcengine's Dashboard For Electronic Components Procurement

Sourcengine's dashboard is full of tools that every procurement department can utilize to maintain supply chains in the electronic components industry. Take this brief tour to learn how it can help your company in daily procurement operations.

3 Ways Digitalization Can Help Mitigate The Complexities Of A Post-COVID-19 Supply Chain

As the coronavirus, hopefully, becomes a thing of the past, many manufacturers on both sides of the electronic components industry are looking to mitigate any further harm from the pandemic. Here are three ways digitalization may be the answer they seek.

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