A next-generation automobile dashboard panel. Sourcengine provides a three-year warranty for all electronic components purchased through its platform.

Microchip Technology’s Automotive Solutions Enables Next-Generation Car Development

Microchip Technology recently released a series of automotive MCUs, oscillators, and temperature sensors that enable innovation, bolster dependability, and make cars more livable.

Analog Devices’ Popular Components Available Despite Global Disruption

Analog Devices’ innovative development and production methodologies have been tested by recent industry-disrupting events. Thankfully, many of its most popular industrial and automotive components are readily available for purchase.

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in 2021

Navigating the complexities of the component supply chain will be like a maze in 2021. Learn how to navigate and overcome them with the power of Sourcengine.

4 Tools Electronics Manufacturers Can Use to Improve Workflows

One of the most powerful means of digitalization in the electronic manufacturing space is through application programming interfaces (APIs). Learn more about 3 specific API integrations that Sourcengine has available for companies and their procurement departments..

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