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Worker examining a pcb in a lab. China is creating its own committee for the standardization of integrated circuits. For more information and other current, industry news stories, see Sourcengine.

China Forms Semiconductor Development Standards Committee

China has formed a new committee to standardize the country's semiconductor development. Its primary agenda? The drafting of unified guidelines for developing future high-performance microchips.

Intel logo displayed; the renowned component company will invest $475 million in its Vietnamese plant; for all your semiconductor industry news, see Sourcengine.

Intel Increases Investment in Vietnam by $475M for Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Plant

Intel is building out its IPV fabrication and test facility located in Vietnam. The semiconductor giant's total investment to date is $1.5B in the cutting-edge plant, which is strategically situated outside of current tariff war disputes..

Microchip with a car icon superimposed on it; Renesas has increased production on automotive chips to help alleviate the global component shortage.

Renesas Increases Production to Help Alleviate Automotive Chip Crisis

Renesas has increased chip production in order to counteract the worldwide microchip shortage. Due to the automotive industry's drain on the vertical, many component fabricators have been forced to up production, prices as well as lead times.

Person paying at a POS machine with a smart watch; for the latest on wearables component trends in 2021, see Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Wearables

Though the electronic components industry has been riddled with shortages due to the automotive sector, it doesn't mean that development stops in other verticals. One to watch in 2021? Wearables. The pandemic has taken this vertical to new heights as everyone looks to monitor personal health.

Lot full of new cars; TSMC is performing a "super hot run" on automotive components to help alleviate the worldwide shortage. For more news and sourcing, see Sourcengine.

TSMC to Perform 'Super Hot Run' of Automotive Chips, Hopes to Alleviate Worldwide Shortage

TSMC is initiating a "super hot run" for car components in the hope of alleviating the worldwide automotive component shortage going on right now. The run will help cut its fabrication time by 50 percent.

Sigurd logo overlaid on a clean room; for the latest component industry news and for all your sourcing needs, see Sourcengine.

Sigurd Microelectronics Acquires UTAC Taiwan, Opens Possibility of New Supply Chain Routes to N. America and Beyond

Sigurd, an OSAT, is set to acquire UTAC Taiwan for $165 million. The merger will open up new supply chain routes for both N. America and China.

Blueprint visual of fabrication center; Samsung's new factory in Austin, Texas will help shore up supply routes in N. America. For the latest industry news and sourcing components, see Sourcengine.

Samsung Considers Establishing a $10 billion Chip Factory in Texas by 2023

Samsung is looking to shore up supply chain routes in N. America by establishing a multi-billion dollar chip factory in Austin, Texas. If all goes well, the manufacturer will bring next-gen 3nm chip fabrication to the United States.

Person holding a smartphone featuring a Samsung 3-socket mlcc; for all your Samsung component needs search and buy on Sourcengine.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Unveils Ultra-Slim, 3-Socket MLCC with Smartphone and Automotive Applications

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has released a new, ultra-slim 3-socket MLCC that has applications not only for the smartphone industry but also the automotive industry. With the recent shortage of automotive components, this is a bit of news the industry can embrace right now.

Vehicle on a car manufacturing line; the recent automotive semiconductor shortage has caused a scramble in the components industry. For shortage searches and buying from qualified sellers, see Sourcengine.

Automotive Semiconductor Shortage to Continue Through the First Half of 2021

The recent semiconductor shortage caused by the automotive industry looks to extend into the midway point of 2021, at least according to industry experts. How are semiconductor manufacturers responding to alleviate the shortage crunch?

Microchip set on a pcb; for the latest electronic components news and authorized resellers, see Sourcengine.

Raw Material Shortage Marks Latest Setback for Components Industry

A raw materials shortage is the latest setback for the global components industry. See how this, coupled with the ongoing automobile components shortage, will further impact supply chains around the world.