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Resource Articles

BOM window

Why Intelligent BOM Management is Necessary for Success

Smart BOM management tools give OEMs, CMs, ODMs, and more the competitive edge to tackle chip shortages and gluts with ease. Here's how:

Automotive lights at night in a still shot

From Lamps to LEDs, The Rise of Smart Automotive Lighting

From beam power to glare reduction, automotive lighting is now tackling its final frontier, and that's smart lighting.

Circuit boards lined up

How “Safety Stock” Becomes a Liability

Stockpiling to solve inventory challenges is not the solution and that "safety stock" could cost you more than the production stalls you hoped to avoid.

Woman wearing a VR headset

Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: How the Metaverse is Redefining Chip Design

What is the metaverse and why are chipmakers ramping up innovative technologies to create new chips in order to support it?

Excess stock in a warehouse

Sell Your Excess Stock with Sourcengine

The chip glut is here and growing rapidly, it's time to sell your excess inventory with Sourcengine.

UVC light

From Fluorescent Bulbs to UVC Light in Medical Applications

How lighting became bacteria and viruses greatest enemy.

Power of AI in a single chip

Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: What ChatGPT’s Popularity Means for the Future

ChatGPT is making waves, but what is it and what do current artificial intelligence trends like ChatGPT mean for the electronic component industry?

Football field

Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: How Semiconductors Power the Super Bowl

Sourcengine's diving into the history of Super Bowl LVII's upcoming MVP and it's not Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts. It's our favorite chips, semiconductors.

Lead Time Report Graphic

Sourcengine Q1 2023 Lead Time Report Highlights

Time to discuss lead time trends in the electronic components market over the next three months in our Q1 2023 Lead Time Report.

keylock switch

Adam Tech Switches and Their Applications

Looking for the perfect switch for your upcoming project? Adam Tech's vast product portfolio of switches is bound to possess your ideal solution.

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