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Texas Instruments ADS1210U/1K 24-Bit Analog to Digital Converter Market Trends Analysis

Texas Instruments ADS1210U/1K 24-Bit Analog to Digital Converter Market Trends Analysis

Image with Texas Instruments ADS121OU/1K Market Trend Analysis typed on it. These articles from Sourcengine explore life cycle and design capabilities of electronic components.

ADS1210U/1K is Texas Instruments’ one of the most sold commodities in the market. The analysis of stock and average price of one last year indicates that, barring few phases, both these benchmarks have experienced steady trends. The ADC’s stock experienced a dip from April through the end of May last year. After that, there was a sudden stock surge in the first week of June that was maintained throughout the month and again saw a surge that continued until the beginning of September.

From then on, the stock has been maintaining more or less the same level. On the other hand, the price has kept a steadier trajectory. It experienced a slight dip when the stock soared in July-Aug.

US stocks have registered a slightly better performance in the last couple of weeks in the hope that the government’s stimulus package may resurrect the pandemic-hit economy.  However, things are still volatile, and hoping too much from a stimulus package might not be wise.

Nonetheless, the market and economy that revolve around electronic components, particularly ADC chips, will remain least affected by the economic downturn. In the later section, we will discuss how ADCs and other ICs will remain impervious to how the overall market performs.

How did the ADS1210U/1K benchmarks perform?

ADS1210U/1K stock and availability lead times described in this chart. Steady pricing and stock levels since September 2019.
ADS1210U/1K crosses and alternates. There are 4 form fit function alternates for this Texas Instruments Analog to Digital converter.
Texas Instruments ADS1210U/1K Alternates and Crosses; Source:

Sourcengine assigns ADS1210U/1K a 3.0-star rating for the Market Availability Score. This score is calculated by factoring in how many distributors and manufacturers direct are selling the given part and what its expected lead time is.

The market availability history ADS1210U/1K suggests that it has experienced a sudden surge in the last 30 days or so. In the last 90 days, the availability remained steady for five weeks from February 10th to March 13th, 2020.

Four Form-Fit Function (FFF) and six Function Equivalents alternates for this part are available in the market. The alternatives available with approximately similar lead time are.

  1. ADS1210U (FFF)
  2. ADS1210U/1KG4     (FFF)
  3. ADS1210UG4 (FFF)

What drives the market?

Market Driving Factors

Analog and digital converters make the backbone of our digital world. The demand for ADCs of all functions and configurations is directly proportional to increments in disposable income, technological developments, demand for high-performance and efficient devices, digitization of processes, and increasing complexity of designs.

The worldwide IC market already stands north of $400 billion and is projected to go past $500 billion by 2023. But now, one has to factor in the effects of COVID-19 and how it might change the IC demand. If we look at the factors that drive this demand, besides disposable income, every other factor may remain impervious or get a bump by the fallout of the pandemic. For instance, the pandemic has already boosted one growth/demand factor of ICs, i.e., the digitization of the work process.

Experts believe that the ongoing expansion of the stay-at-home economy will further prompt the demand of all sorts of ICs, including ADCs.

Design Risk Level

In addition to assessing the Market Availability Score described above, Sourcengine is also looking into the details of the design-in risk factors. Design engineers do not need to worry about incorporating ADS1210U/1K into their design as the design risk level for this part number is low.

This is a graph representing Design Risk Level for ADS1210U/1K by TI is low.
ADS1210U/1K Design Risk level; Source:

On a scale 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest design risk, Sourcengine gives ADS1210U/1K a design grade of 1. Design Risk is calculated based on market availability and the lifecycle of a part. No need to worry about incorporating this product on the PCB.

Where can I buy TI’s ADS1210U/1K?

Buyers can find this 24-Bit ADC with the lead time of seven days and different price packages at Sourcengine. Sourcengine is the industry-leading e-commerce marketplace dedicated specifically to electronic components. At Sourcengine, you can also find the alternates of the ADS1210U/1K.

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