Lot full of new cars; TSMC is performing a "super hot run" on automotive components to help alleviate the worldwide shortage. For more news and sourcing, see Sourcengine.

TSMC to Perform 'Super Hot Run' of Automotive Chips, Hopes to Alleviate Worldwide Shortage

TSMC is initiating a "super hot run" for car components in the hope of alleviating the worldwide automotive component shortage going on right now. The run will help cut its fabrication time by 50 percent.

Sigurd logo overlaid on a clean room; for the latest component industry news and for all your sourcing needs, see Sourcengine.

Sigurd Microelectronics Acquires UTAC Taiwan, Opens Possibility of New Supply Chain Routes to N. America and Beyond

Sigurd, an OSAT, is set to acquire UTAC Taiwan for $165 million. The merger will open up new supply chain routes for both N. America and China.

Blueprint visual of fabrication center; Samsung's new factory in Austin, Texas will help shore up supply routes in N. America. For the latest industry news and sourcing components, see Sourcengine.

Samsung Considers Establishing a $10 billion Chip Factory in Texas by 2023

Samsung is looking to shore up supply chain routes in N. America by establishing a multi-billion dollar chip factory in Austin, Texas. If all goes well, the manufacturer will bring next-gen 3nm chip fabrication to the United States.

Vehicle on a car manufacturing line; the recent automotive semiconductor shortage has caused a scramble in the components industry. For shortage searches and buying from qualified sellers, see Sourcengine.

Automotive Semiconductor Shortage to Continue Through the First Half of 2021

The recent semiconductor shortage caused by the automotive industry looks to extend into the midway point of 2021, at least according to industry experts. How are semiconductor manufacturers responding to alleviate the shortage crunch?

Microchip set on a pcb; for the latest electronic components news and authorized resellers, see Sourcengine.

Raw Material Shortage Marks Latest Setback for Components Industry

A raw materials shortage is the latest setback for the global components industry. See how this, coupled with the ongoing automobile components shortage, will further impact supply chains around the world.

Foxconn logo set against game controllers and more devices; for latest information on Foxconn see Sourcengine.

Foxconn Wins Approval to Build New Manufacturing Plant in Vietnam

Foxconn has won approval to open a new, multi-million dollar manufacturing plant in Vietnam. The new plant will help diversify and open new routes in the electronic components supply chain.

Bel Fuse logo superimposed over a microchip; Bel has acquired rms Connectors and EOS Power India. For the latest semiconductor industry news, follow Sourcengine today.

Bel Fuse acquires rms Connectors and EOS Power India

Bel Fuse, Inc kicked off 2021 by acquiring rms Connectors and EOS Power India Private Ltd. Will this help it edge out competition by building a more geographically diverse production capacity?