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5 Questions with Christian Schwenk: Jauch Batteries

5 Questions with Christian Schwenk: Jauch Batteries

Hands shaking with the Jauch and Sourcengine logos on either side. Learn about Jauch Batteries on Sourcengine.

The Jauch Group is one of the forefront innovators in the manufacturing space for quartz crystals, crystal oscillators and battery technology. Established in 1954, Jauch is one of the leading companies in the frequency control products industry, and most recently, also with innovative MEMS timing clocks. Jauch’s team of experts are recognized as the industry leaders on the future market for lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries.

Sourcengine is excited to provide our customers and partners with the latest information on Jauch through a friendly conversation with their President, Christian Schwenk.

1.      Sourcengine: What makes Jauch different from other quartz crystal, oscillator and battery technology manufacturers?


Christian: We are not just selling a product at Jauch. We know our product and our customers’ applications because we take the time to listen and understand what our customers really need. We support our customers locally and globally to ensure that they get a reliable product for their application which makes them shine in front of their respective customers.Getting quality, support and on time delivery worldwide is a must for us and makes us stand out in this global market.


2.      Sourcengine: Jauch has been in business for over 65 years – quite impressive. What are some of the key points that keep Jauch ahead of its competition?  


Christian: We keep an honest and straightforward working relationship with our customers. We are not just another supplier to them, we are their partner. With our technical expertise, we make sure that we develop our products in sync with their applications, so customers get what they actually need and not just something someone wants to sell. We grow with our customers, no matter their size, order volume or location. We always treat them with the utmost respect and appreciation.


3.      Sourcengine: How do you tackle the largest fear factor in manufacturing, potentially long lead times?

Christian: Controlling your production and having a fully automated and well stocked inventory. Working with customers on blanket orders and stocking parts for them for when they need them. We also participate in VMI and JIT programs.


4.      Sourcengine: What is the biggest challenge your organization is currently facing?


Christian: Price over Quality. If a customer does not understand that they get what they pay for and rather order cheap products than good quality, we are neither able nor willing to compete. We will not sell below production cost.


5.      Sourcengine: What do you think people should know about Jauch?


Christian: You can rely on Jauch no matter where in the world you are. All of us love what Jauch stands for, which is a company that values its customers, business partners and employees alike. Jauch has grown from a small company back in 1954 to a worldwide enterprise with offices around the globe. We still know where we came from and will make sure that the needs of our customers are met.


About Christian Schwenk:

Christian Schwenk is a tenured executive of Jauch Quartz. He joined the company in 1999 as an Inside Sales Manager. He was the Executive Vice President from 2012 until 2015 when he accepted the role of the President Jauch Quartz America, Inc. and Jauch Quartz Mexico (since 2018). Christian is responsible for managing the staff and operational aspects of Jauch Quartz in the respected regions.

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