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Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Contactless Entry Systems

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Contactless Entry Systems

Individual using a smart phone to gain access via a touchless entry point system; for the latest electronic components industry trends in 2021, see Sourcengine.

To halt the coronavirus pandemic's spread, many large employers shifted their staffers to work-from-home status in 2020. However, recent data indicates that operating remotely can negatively impact an employee’s productivity level on a long-term basis. That finding, and multiple summer 2021 return-to-work initiatives, suggests major corporations will begin the process of resuming their old methodologies by summer 2021.

For electronics manufacturers, this digital trend represents a significant opportunity.

When staffers eventually make their way back to their offices, they will do so with health and safety at top of mind. For this reason, contactless entry systems will be a welcome and comforting sight for many of these people, and one step in the right direction of living beyond the "new normal."

Why Workplaces Need New Viral Outbreak Prevention Tools

In July, a group of medical researchers published a paper highlighting the potential of contracting COVID-19 from door handles. The scientists pointed out surfaces taht can remain infectious days after being contaminated. Even with heightened public awareness of good personal hygiene practices, commonly used entryways could still act as virus transmission hubs.

Unintentionally becoming the source of an outbreak is a significant risk for every type of business.

Firms could suffer significant operational disruption if multiple employees become sick at the same time. For large employers and medical facilities, an onsite COVID-19 outbreak could even result in government penalties. Those negative outcomes could result in severe reputational damage that impairs future customer acquisition and retention efforts.

The simple reality is this: an increase in on-site cleanings alone will not be enough to protect workplaces from the spread of the coronavirus. New operating procedures and systems will need to be established to ensure employee health and well-being.

As contactless access-control systems can cut down on the number of times workers touch shared surfaces, they can be an effective preventative tool.

New Contactless Entry Systems for the Post-Pandemic World

For some, the prospect of abandoning familiar key cards or pin pads may be off-putting. After all, new technology can be daunting for the unfamiliar even if it can make life easier or safer. That said, SMEs can make their contactless entry systems more appealing by integrating familiar technology.

Recently, a Czech firm named 2N Telekomunikace unveiled post-coronavirus solutions that utilize smartphones for its access-control functions. When employees head to the office, they use a program on their handsets to open the door. These products let workers avoid potentially contaminated surfaces while keeping company facilities secure.

In 2019, IHS Markit predicted 120 million people would use mobile credentials by 2023 because of their convenience and utility. In the post-pandemic world, the technology’s appeal to employers has likely increased.

SMEs can help organizations adapt to the altered landscape by introducing smartphone powered access-control systems. Semiconductor manufacturers have produced an array of components that will facilitate their development.

For example, Chilisin Electronics Corporation’s CLH Series inductors are a perfect addition to such a project. The line features an excellent Q factor and small footprint that ensures they do not consume too much board space. The CLH Series also has an operating frequency range of up to 6GHz, so the inductors are compatible with several smartphone data transmission technologies.

Similarly, Dapu Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. offers a cost-effective and rugged wireless infrastructure solution. The vendor’s DP0002C single junction surface mount circulators can operate in temperatures from -55°C to 110°C.  That characteristic means they can stand up to continual exposure to harsh outdoor environments.

A Sense of Normalcy

According to a June 2020 survey, half of American professionals felt reluctant to return to the office because of the coronavirus outbreak. As a second wave of the ailment has hit Europe and the United States, those worker anxieties are likely intensifying. When corporations start bringing their staffers back on-site, they will need to address their concerns to keep productivity levels high.

SMEs can provide a pathway to a sense of normalcy with new, contactless access-control products. Realistically, trying to convince employees its business as usual is a futile pursuit. COVID-19 devastated and indelibly changed the world, and pretending otherwise would be disingenuous at best.

But simple changes like smartphone-enabled entry systems can reassure anxious workers that their employers take their concerns seriously. That act of acknowledgment can help staffers adjust to the post-pandemic world and focus on their assignments.

SMEs that help companies find their “new normal” will not just fulfill a contract; they will form the bonds of long-lasting business relationships.

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