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Formed in 1928, C&K Components, Inc’s drive for continual technological evolution led it to become a leader in the electromechanical switch industry. Based in Newton, Massachusetts, the firm operates state-of-the-art design and production facilities in Dole, France and Huizhou, China. With more than 55,000 standard items and 8.5 million switch combinations, the company endeavors to provide its over 20,000 clients with cost-effective, high quality, and reliable merchandise. C&K utilizes its 92 years of expertise to serve its aerospace, automotive, consumer products, industrial, medical, telecom, and transportation clients. The vertically integrated firm maintains a massive and diverse catalog comprised of detect, rocker, rotary, slide, and tactile switches. The corporation also offers specialized space connectors, and smart card interconnect devices. C&K embraces collaboration as a core value and eagerly works with its partners to find their ideal outcomes. If the company’s robust parts catalog does not feature the right component, its world-class engineering teams will work to find a tailor-made solution. No matter how daunting a design challenge, the firm has the expertise and tools to help overcome it. The brand’s machining, high-speed stamping, surface plating, and molding capabilities can significantly expedite the design process. In addition, it possesses the manufacturing capabilities to take a device from the prototyping phase through volume production. Because of the company's commitment to updating its portfolio with groundbreaking and improved solutions, it regularly debuts impressive products. For example, C&K’s 7000 Series miniature toggles switches have an operating temperature range of -30° to 85°, features a no-slip grip, and are functional for up to 100,000 cycles. Together, those characteristics make the line ideal for use in control panels, security systems, heavy equipment, and industrial instruments. Although C&K has carved out an estimable legacy in the last century, the manufacturer is too busy innovating to rest on its laurels.