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Initially, a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard, Broadcom, Inc. is now a global conglomerate that became incorporated in 2018. The company produces industry-leading semiconductor and software products and services. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the corporation employs 19,000 people worldwide. Although the brand largely outsources the manufacture of its components, it operates factories in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Singapore. Broadcom’s ever-expanding catalog features a vast array of digital and analog semiconductors. Highlights of its portfolio include but are not limited to electronic signal amplifiers and filters, RF components, DSPs, CPUs, ethernet switches, fiber-optic modules, modems, motion control encoders, networking processors, Wi-Fi SoCs, microcontrollers, and optical sensors. The firm’s clients primarily operate in the automotive, datacom, enterprise networking, factory automation, renewable energy, set-top box, and telecom industries. The conglomerate’s strategy is to provide best-of-breed semiconductor and software solutions at an unparalleled scale. The company pursues that aim through continuous research and development and adding to its technological resources via strategic buyouts. In 2019, Broadcom expanded its software infrastructure capabilities by purchasing Symantec’s enterprise business. Earlier in the decade, the firm expanded its video processing mixed-signal semiconductor lineup by acquiring BroadLogic Network Technologies. Broadcom demonstrated the breadth of its expertise when it recently unveiled the BCM4389, the first-ever Wi-Fi 6E client device. The groundbreaking product supports 6 GHz frequency bands with 160 MHz channel bandwidths and 2Gbps data transfer speeds. Featuring the firm’s tri-band simultaneous connectivity architecture, the chip offers improved indoor location accuracy, enables rapid Bluetooth pairings, and provides battery usage five times better than contemporary flagship devices. Thanks to its pioneering design, the BCM4389 gives OEMs the ability to make smartphones and headsets with revolutionary AR/VR features. Broadcom’s commitment to making world-class electronic components and infrastructure software will see it achieve its goal of being an unparalleled worldwide products and services provider.

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