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BrightKing is a leading global vendor of circuit protection components. Founded in 2001, the firm conducts operations from its main office in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It also maintains research, production, and sale sites in its home country and mainland China. Since 2018, the company has been part of the Yageo Corporation. The vendor has partnerships with manufacturers in the automotive, telecom, Internet of Things (IoT), consumer electronics, gas and petroleum, home appliance, industrial, lighting, and home entertainment fields. Its lineup includes transient voltage suppressors, spark gap protectors, gas discharge tubes, thyristor surge suppressors, metal oxide varistors, and electrostatic discharge protection devices. When BrightKing got its start nearly two decades ago, it was a single-product vendor. But the supplier strived for greater things and diligently worked to expand the scope of its business. It recruited top-flight engineers, poured money into research and development, and established cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. Those efforts allowed the component maker to cultivate a cutting-edge catalog and a large client list. Six years into its existence, BrightKing generated nearly $15 million in revenue annually. As its growth continued, the firm expanded its offerings to include part testing and design and production. Now a subsidiary of Yageo, the company furnishes its customers, both large and small, with turnkey service. The vendor recently expanded its portfolio with its KK Series metal oxide varistors. BrightKing used high-temperature epoxy resin to make this offering resistant to extreme temperatures so that the product family can function at -40° C to 125° C. The line also has a low clamping ratio, no follow-on current, and comes in 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, and 20mm packages. Thanks to its durability and size variety, the KK Series is ideal for industrial systems and personal electronics applications. Whatever a manufacturer’s circuit protection needs, BrightKing has the resources and knowledge to help them find the right solution.