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Dioo Microcircuits Co., LTD is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of application-specific mixed-signal and analog IC and devices. Established in 2010, the chipmaker’s headquarters are situated in Shanghai, China. The firm operates design, support, and sales offices in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and the United States. The brand’s portfolio features a range of first-rate items, including LED drivers; low-power and low noise amplifiers; USB 2.0/3.0 interfaces; power management semiconductors; and HD audio and video components. The firm’s products have applications in the consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial, intelligent lighting, medical, security, retail, and utility industries. Dioo has secured ISO 9001 certification and set up a global support network to serve its customers. Dioo harnesses its ten years of engineering experience to consistently release leading-edge signal semiconductor solutions. Initially a successful domestic brand, the company adjusted its strategy with the intent of breaking into various international end-markets. In pursuit of that goal, the microelectronics manufacturer expanded its lineup to incorporate products featuring today’s hottest emerging technologies. The company recently introduced the world to its DIO8105+DIO8280 two-stage common anode intelligent dimming platform. The brand combined cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and LED technology to create a commercial lighting system that underscores the beauty and richness of contemporary urban spaces. Another highlight of the firm’s catalog is its DIO703 Series power distribution switches. Dioo designed the line to perform precision current limiting operations and manage heavy capacitance loads. The device family is able to moderate output when encountering loads exceeding maximum tolerance by moving into constant current mode. Those characteristics make the microelectronic component ideal for use in set-top boxes, smart TVs, and VOIP phones. Dioo’s dedication to innovative product development and manufacturing excellence will help it become a major player in the global microelectronics industry.



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