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Established in 2000, Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of China’s premier integrated device manufacturers. Headquartered in the city of Yangzhou, the company fabricates its first-rate semiconductors in a 120,000 square foot factory. The firm employs around 3,200 people to conduct its design, development, manufacturing, and retail operations. Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology's lineup features world-class bridge rectifiers, discrete device chips, IGBT modules, MOSFETs, power modules, SiCs, and thyristor surge suppressors. The company also offers a host of ESD protection, photovoltaic, Schottky, and Zener diodes. The brand focuses its resources on developing new products for the automotive, green energy, home appliance, industrial, lighting, power supply, security, and telecom fields. In the last 20 years, the semiconductor company has worked hard to expand its portfolio and global footprint. To that end, it has regularly debuted new product lines, refined its manufacturing infrastructure, and launched several international subsidiaries. Now a publicly-traded enterprise, the brand strives to innovate within emerging sectors like 5G, IoT, and vehicle electrification. Recently, Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology introduced a new family of smart signal diodes. The company constructed the series with a high-density lead frame, which allows for greater efficiency and productivity. The brand also made the line available in DFN, QFN, SOD123, SOD323, SOD523, SOT23, and SOT323 sizes to suit OEMs’ varying design needs. The semiconductor maker further diversified its lineup with an assortment of YBSM bridge products. The series has a robust voltage range of 50V to 1000V and a resistance scale of 4A to 6A. The range also boasts a maximum working temperature of 150°C, which makes them ideal for application in electronics chargers, LEDs, and notebook computers. Yangzhou Yangjie Electronic Technology’s mission is to showcase the quality of Chinese made semiconductors. The firm’s innovative designs and high manufacturing standards indicate it will succeed.



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