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Founded in 1984, Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co KG is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors and related devices. Headquartered in Niedernhall, Germany, the conglomerate has 16 production sites worldwide and employs approximately 7,300 expert staffers to serve its global client base. Würth Elektronik focuses on making products in three areas; electromechanical and electronic components, intelligent power and control systems, and printed circuit boards. The firm’s central divisions regularly introduce new capacitors, EMC filters, fuse holders, inductors, LEDS, quartz, resistors, sensors, storage chokes, and switches. The company’s clients mainly operate in the automotive, home automation industrial, utility, and wireless connectivity. The brand holds innovation as a core value and pursues the development of new products through rigorous in-house development and involvement in prestigious outside research projects. The company’s diligence has allowed it to patent a slew of new technologies and create groundbreaking new devices. Recently, Würth Elektronik introduced a series of new offerings to help its partners develop new tools and equipment. The firm’s new WE-CSGS Contact Spring Gasket would be a worthwhile addition to any manufacturer's latest display, EMC chamber, and switching cabinet projects. The component family requires little compression force and features high conductivity. Made of nickel-plated beryllium copper, the line boasts a robust operating temperature range of -40ºC to 110ºC. The product family is also available in different lengths and raw material assortments to suit customers’ needs. Another highlight of Würth Elektronik’s recent product releases is its new WE-CST current sense transformers. Measuring 4.7mm x 4.65mm x 3.65mm, the SMT series is low profile and compact to provide maximum design versatility. The components, ideal for use in meters and load drop/shutdown devices, offer a maximum current rating of 20A. Würth Elektronik’s commitment to fostering advancement in the electronics industry will drive its future success and expansion.