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Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG is a world leader in the field of industrial connectivity. Founded in 1850, the corporation harnesses almost two centuries of expertise to craft innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions for its clients. The Detmold, Germany headquartered firm has a global workforce of 5,000 people, and its footprint extends into Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Because of its expansive reach and wide range of technological resources, Weidmüller produces electronic components for firms in several industries. Many of the company’s clients operate in the automotive, intralogistics, renewable energy, traditional power, consumer goods, and transportation markets. Highlights of the conglomerate’s extensive portfolio include control voltage distribution devices, signal isolator and converters, LEDs, and photovoltaic combiner boxes. Despite its size and history, Weidmüller understands setting the standards for industrial connectivity necessitates consistent research and development. The global brand knows continual innovation is the only path to manufacturing the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. The conglomerate’s commitment to technological progression is evident in its new family of industrial Ethernet switches. The BasicLine plug-and-play, unmanaged switches feature IP30 rated aluminum housings and are designed to operate in vibration-heavy environments. The firm’s made its ValueLine series available in both unmanaged and lean managed varieties and support bandwidth handling and fast ring redundancy. And its PremiumLine products possess advanced security and control capability and comes in assortments configured with Gigabit Ethernet ports. In addition, all versions of Weidmüller’s ruggedized industrial ethernet switches have hazardous area application approval and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 60°C. Across four centuries, Weidmüller has designed, developed, and sold the industrial products that have moved the world forward. The brand’s tireless efforts to make the advanced connection components that the future requires will enable its ongoing success.