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Based in Tokyo, Japan, Toshiba Corporation produces a wide range of infrastructural equipment, electronic devices, and semiconductors. Founded in 1875, the brand maintains an extensive global manufacturing network with facilities in Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, the United States, and Vietnam. The multinational conglomerate executes its operations with a worldwide workforce of over 270,000 diligent and skilled employees. Toshiba derives revenue from the sale of energy systems, industrial equipment, vertical transportation devices, home appliances, and electronic components. The firm’s semiconductor portfolio includes MOSFETs, power management devices, motor driver ICs, diodes, bipolar transistors, microcontrollers, image recognition processors, sensors, logic circuits, and radiofrequency parts. Currently, the company concentrates its research and development resources to the automotive, healthcare, IoT, industrial, smart home, telecom, white goods, and wearables markets. Toshiba’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all people around the world through sustainable technological innovation. The firm directs its centuries of experience and cutting-edge design capability to fabricating new and groundbreaking semiconductor products. The brand recently pushed the automotive safety field forward with the unveiling of its TB9045FNG series of power ICs. The device line is available in four versions, with voltage output ranges from 1.1V to 1.5V. Crafted per ISO 26262 standards, the family of components can detect overheating, power supply problems, and system failures. The firm's TC78B009FTG brushless motor control pre-driver IC can be very useful for industrial equipment and consumer product OEMs. The chip has no sensors and detects rotational position via induced voltage monitoring. The component has built-in nonvolatile memory, so it does not require an external MCU. Because of those features, the TC78B009FTG is ideal for use in robot vacuum cleaners and server cooling fans. For 145 years, Toshiba’s prioritization of technological advancement has made it a global leader in civic infrastructure and microelectronics development.