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The Tokyo-based Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. is a publicly-traded firm that develops, manufactures, and sells electronic components. Established in 1950, the company has factories in Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and China. With a consolidated workforce of over 21,000 employees, the corporation serves clients throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. Currently, the 70-year-old brand’s product lineup includes MLCCs, inductors, inverters, power storage devices, FBAR/SAW filters, and chip antennas. The concern has strong positions in the automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, home appliance, renewable energy, telecom, and industrial markets. Taiyo Yuden grew from a humble domestic concern to a global supplier by consistently expanding its technological expertise and production capabilities. In its early days, the company offered customers first-class barium titanate tubular ceramic capacitors and small ferrite cores. However, the firm dedicated itself to research and design, expanding its portfolio to include innovations like one of the world’s first rewritable compact discs. The corporation continues to embody that innovative spirit by employing highly skilled engineers to facilitate its contemporary product development. Taiyo Yuden recently expanded its range of multilayer ceramic capacitors with the TMR063 B7101KP-F family of products. The line of 0603-sized components has a robust voltage rating of 10V and capacitance of 0.01μF. Those characteristics allow the series of parts to perform crucial power line decoupling and noise reduction tasks in the automotive powertrain and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The firm’s EYSKJNAWB-WX line of miniature Bluetooth 5.0-compatible modules ranks as one of its most impressive and forward-thinking offerings. Although 75 percent smaller than the previous version, the product houses proprietary embedded software that enables it to execute simple commands. As such, the series is ideal for application in IoT devices used in smart factory and medical center environments. Taiyo Yuden’s management philosophy prioritizes employee well-being, community betterment, and returning value to its stakeholders. For that reason, its brand should have no problem thriving in the 21st century.