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Susumu Co., Ltd. is a world pioneer in developing and releasing cutting-edge thin-film products. Incorporated in 1964, the company currently employs 625 people and operates subsidiaries in China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. Headquartered in Kyoto, the firm operates four manufacturing facilities in two countries in Asia. Susumu’s catalog is headlined by an array of anti-surge, audio, high-power, non-magnetic, radial lead thin-film chip resistors. The company also produces power choke coils and several current sensing components. The firm manufactures highly regarded automotive, industrial, testing and measurement, and consumer electronics products. Since its founding, Susumu has held implacability as its core value. Regardless of the design or business challenges in its path, the firm remained bound and determined to succeed. The brand also strives to outspend its competitors and research and development to blaze new trails in the thin-film space. As a result, the company utilizes four distinct manufacturing processes – disposition, photo-etching, laser machining, and high-density packing – to make its latest offerings. One highlight of the brand's recent releases is its RGV Series metal thin-film chip resistors. The firm made this AEC-Q200 compliant product family for high-voltage operation and long-term durability in mind. As such, it has a maximum voltage tolerance of 700V to 1,000V, depending on wattage assortment. The components are also robust enough to remain functional for up to 1,000 hours when exposed to 155°C heat. Susumu recently introduced the world to its ATS Series chip attenuators. The line is distinguished by its impressive maximum frequency range of 30GHz. Boasting excellent heat dissipation capacity and a compact form factor, the devices are ideal for use in wireless carrier equipment. For over 56 years, Susumu has grown and thrived because it refused to compromise in the face of adversity. With implacability as its North Star, the manufacturer will continue being an industry leader.