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Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Stackpole Electronics, Inc. is a leading global supplier of resistive solutions. The firm maintains factories in China, Japan, Mexico, and Taiwan to facilitate its worldwide client base. The privately held company commenced operations in 1928 and continues to thrive today because it prioritizes customer service. At present, the company’s portfolio features current sensing, thick and thin film clips, metal oxide, and wirewound resistors. The firm also manufactures automotive, custom, and multi and single layer varistors as well as a variety of capacitors and inductors. As a brand dedicated to providing best in class customer experiences, Stackpole focuses on high manufacturing quality, on-time delivery, and product innovation. As a result, the firm regularly releases new devices to address its clients’ most pressing needs. One of its latest forward-thinking products is its RTAN tantalum nitride precision chip resistors. The components boast 25 ppm TCR, tolerances of 0.1 percent or tighter, and 85 percent humidity capacity at 85°. The manufacturer also constructed its RTAN line with anti-sulfur materials, so they can pass rigorous ANSI/EIA-977 (method A) testing. Because of these qualities, Stackpole’s RTAN precision resistors are ideal for application in aerospace equipment, automotive systems, and medical devices. The supplier also recently launched the RPC2512-HP, the newest addition to its RPC sequence of pulse withstanding chips. With a 2-watt power rating and resistance range 1Ω to 200 K, the component can fulfill surge protection needs for power supplies, ovens, thermostats, and motor controls. The North Carolinian manufacturer also offers the CML series of multilayer ceramic capacitors. The line provides a robust capacitance range of 0.1 pF to 100 uF and has a 10V to 100V voltage rating. Because of these MLCCs’ slight size, affordability, and expansive utility, they can fulfill a variety of bypass, coupling, and decoupling requirements. By holding exemplary customer service as a core value, Stackpole has been and will long remain a microelectronics industry leader.