SiTime Corp.

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SiTime Corporation emerged as a major disruptor in the microelectromechanical system (MEMS) timing market when it commenced operations in 2005. However, since then, the Santa Clara, California headquartered brand has become a market leader. With fabrication facilities in Europe and Southeast Asia, the firm maintains a global presence with an agile 180-person workforce. The manufacturer produces a range of high-quality MEMS-based silicon timing devices, including standard, ruggedized, voltage controlled, speed spectrum, digitally controlled, temperature compensated, and oven controlled oscillators. The company’s portfolio also includes clock generators and embedded resonators utilized in making networking gear, computer hardware, and connected devices. Notably, SiTime does not use quartz in its timing devices. However, the firm’s offerings have found market traction because of their slight footprints and low power consumption. Also, the corporation has built its brand on quality, with its components holding a <1 DPP rating. In 2018, SiTime announced its intention to revolutionize $1.5 billion 5G-enabled telecommunications and networking markets. The firm addressed the issue of timing component failures hampering the deploying of next-generation technology with its Emerald Platform oven controlled (OCXOs) and digitally controlled oscillators (DCXOs). The corporation’s Stratum 3E components offer buyers short lead times, improved dynamic performance, reduced size, and unparalleled ease-of-use. SiTime’s Stratum 3E OCXOs are airflow and thermal resistant and provide 10 times better dynamic stability than traditional components. Moreover, the product features an on-chip power supply that performs noise filtering and does not need a dedicated LDO. The company’s 5G application parts also have no activity dips or micro jumps. Similarly, the manufacturer’s Stratum 3E DCXOs possess the same features with the added benefit of eliminating board noise via I2C digital frequency tuning. With over 1.5 billion timing devices shipped used in more than 200 applications, SiTime dedication to innovation and quality makes it a best-in-class manufacturer.