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Incorporated in 1960, Semtech Corporation is a leading global innovator specializing in the manufacture of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors. The Camarillo, California headquartered brand employs nearly 1,400 people to conduct its cutting-edge research, development, and production work. The company carries out its operations in 32 sites in 15 countries across Asia, Europe, and North America. Semtech maintains a strong product mix that includes circuit protection, smart sensing, power management, professional audio/visual, signal integrity, and wireless radiofrequency devices. The brand also offers a host of diodes, rectifiers, and full wave bridge assemblies. The company’s portfolio has a wide range of applications in the aerospace, enterprise computing, telecom, high-end consumer, industrial, and military end-markets. The firm also developed the long-range low-power wide-area network protocol (LoRa), a breakthrough in the emerging field of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. A company defined by dynamism and innovation, Semtech regularly launches new platforms distinguished by their remarkable efficiency, performance, and utility. Recently, the brand released its Tri-Edge CDR SR platform, which permits groundbreaking multimode data center interconnectivity. The GN2558 is a quad PAM4 CDR embedded with a VCSEL driver, while the GN2559 is quad PAM4 CDR boasting an integrated linear transimpedance amplifier. The firm’s advanced chipset directly addresses the low latency and low power networking needs of the world’s leading AI, HPC, and cloud processing facilities. Polysense Technologies recently used Semtech’s LoRa devices to develop a range of smart human temperature detection products. Healthcare professionals can use the sensors to quickly and effectively identify individuals with elevated temperatures. Polysense deployed the line in Italy to serve as a cutting-edge tool in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. For over 60 years, Semtech has utilized its engineering expertise to advance the electronic components industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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