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    Established in 1976, Samtec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electronic interconnects. The New Albany, Indiana-based firm maintains a global footprint with over 6,000 employees servicing 40+ locations in more than 18 countries. Currently, the corporation operates seven manufacturing facilities across the United States, China, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Samtec specializes in producing high-speed signal integrity products; flexible stacking connectors; RF cables; micro, power, and rugged ICs, high-speed board-to-board connects; and custom components. The manufacturer is dedicated to providing its clients with end-to-end support to facilitate faster, lighter, and less expensive systems. Thanks to its diverse global supply chain, Samtec is capable of worldwide component sourcing, redundant manufacturing, stamping, molding, and assembly. The semiconductor company supplies components for a host of industries and sectors, including automotive, avionics, telecommunications, datacoms, industrial robotics, military, medicine, and transportation. Through its history, Samtec has prioritized advanced research, technological development, and product optimization. As a result, the firm’s efforts have produced the space-saving Micro Mate 1.00 mm Pitch Discrete Wire System and a holistic 112 Gbps PAM4 solution that features a cable backplane, extreme density array, and front panel to mid-board system. Samtec has also crafted a suite of products supporting the deployment of crucial emerging technologies. The firm maintains a suite of 5G networking solutions, including mmWave Silicon ICs, remote radio and active antenna systems, and vehicle-to-everything equipment components. In addition, the semiconductor manufacturer has developed IC solutions that optimize artificial intelligence systems. The firm’s configurable and scalable 32 GT/s silicon testing platform provides realistic topology loss ranges for current and next-generation AI applications. Similarly, the company’s Bulls Eye Test Point Systems allows chipmakers to evaluate the performance of their AI-centric CPUs, FPGAs, TPUs, and other components at 70 GHz. Because of its commitment to excellence and innovation, Samtec is a best-in-class global IC supplier.
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