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The flagship subsidiary of the Samsung Group, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a global supplier of electronic components. Established in 1973, the firm is headquartered in Suwon, South Korea, and generates billions of dollars in revenue annually. The company’s headcount is just under 12,000 employees and operates nine factories in its home country, China, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Upon its founding, Samsung Electro-Mechanics specialized in producing audiovisual parts, but its competencies have greatly expanded with time. Today, the firm provides components for application in the computing, home entertainment, industrial, smartphone, and telecom sectors. Its diverse part catalog includes MLCCs, chip resistors, inductors, camera and communication modules, LEDs, and package substrates. Despite becoming one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, Samsung Electro-Mechanics remains dedicated to developing new technologies in emerging fields. The company recently harnessed its decades of experience designing passive components to create a new line of MLCCs. Available in five different sizes, the series is robust enough to handle voltage rates up to 100V. The microelectronics concern developed its new multilayer ceramic capacitors for application in vehicle powertrain, ABS, and infotainment systems. Since consumers want new vehicles with enhanced performance, security, and comfort, the firm’s MLCCs can be a valuable tool for automotive OEMs. The subsidiary made the MLCC range multifaceted enough to have applications outside their primary purpose. Manufacturers can use them to produce high-quality smartphones, displays, home appliances, 5G gear, and IoT network components. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is as dedicated to sustainability as it is to innovation. For the last 11 years, the company has merited inclusion on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. In 2019, the ASE Group honored the division with a Sustainability Partnership Award for its continuing efforts in balancing technological advancement with environmental protection. Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ commitment to developing forward-thinking electronics solutions will assure its place at the head of the global semiconductor industry.