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Founded in 1988, Power Integrations, Inc. is a leading vendor of high-performance electronic components. The firm maintains its headquarters in San Jose, California and has research and development, sales, and production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company conducts its operations with a global workforce of 699 skilled employees. Power Integrations’ products have applications in the home appliance, personal electronics, traditional utility, renewable energy, lighting, industrial, and vehicle electrification sectors. Its portfolio includes AC-DC converters, light-emitting diode (LED) drivers, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IBGTs), and motor drivers. Throughout its history, Power Integrations has pursued two goals: create innovative devices and reduce waste. Those twin passions empowered the firm to launch its inaugural product, the TOPSwitch AC-DC convertors, in 1994. The product’s remarkable energy-efficiency promptly resonated with manufacturers across the industry. Buoyed by that success, the company went public three years later. With its new funding, the firm continued to release new offerings that provide groundbreaking functionality and ecologically sound. Power Integrations’ commitment to its core values led it to assembling a best-in-class portfolio of power conversion devices. It also gave the company the opportunity to avert billions of dollars in energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The firm’s latest product, the MinE-CAP integrated circuit (IC) embodies its ethos. The device provides the same power density as standard input bulk capacitors with 50 percent footprint production. It also significantly cuts down on in-rush current, which eliminates the need for negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors. Those features give designers the ability to fabricate power supply products that are compact but highly efficient. The MinE-CAP can also support input from 90VAC to 350VAC, so it can be used in a host of electronics projects. Power Integrations’ unwavering dedication to making energy-efficient devices will make the world a greener place to live.