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Initially a subsidiary of Motorola, ON Semiconductor became an independent enterprise in 1999. Since then, the Phoenix, Arizona headquartered company has made itself a leading provider of energy-efficient semiconductor-based solutions. The firm’s over 34,000 employees work with engineers across the world to solve their most daunting design challenges. The global manufacturer serves its clients with factories in Europe, Greater China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the U.S. ON Semiconductor works diligently to maintain an innovative and diverse portfolio of products for OEMs operating in the aerospace and defense, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, industrial, and medical sectors. As such, the company specializes in making world-class analog, connectivity, discrete, logic, sensing, SoCs, timing, and custom devices. With design centers in 21 countries, the manufacturer’s diverse and talented engineers endeavor to develop reliable, sustainable, and unique solutions. The hard work and out-of-the-box thinking of the firm’s teams have resulted in the recent release of several forward-thinking components. ON Semiconductor’s RSL10 Mesh Platform is an ideal Bluetooth low energy solution for OEMs interested in developing new Internet of Things (IoT) products. The platform gives engineers the ability to create and deploy ultralow-power networks with applications in smart homes and apartment complexes, autonomous factories, and connected warehouses. The company also recently launched a family of state-of-the-art automotive LED drivers and controllers. The manufacturer harnessed the full breadth of its design acumen to create advanced lighting components that can improve road safety. More sophisticated than standard “on/off” illumination parts, the line accounts for movement and variable intensity to put out clear and visible warnings to other drivers and pedestrians. In 2019, ON Semiconductor generated $5.518 billion selling its highly dependable and groundbreaking products to clients around the globe. Given the unusual design but clear utility of its new solutions, the firm should reach even greater heights going forward.