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    Headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Nexperia is a leading high volume manufacturer of analog and logic ICs, bipolar transistors, and diodes. The firm began its existence as a division of NXP Semiconductors before emerging as a standalone enterprise in 2017. The company employs 12,000 people worldwide and maintains factories in Britain, China, Germany, Malaysia, and the Philippines to serve its global customer base. At present, Nexperia’s portfolio exceeds 15,000 items, and the company introduces over 800 new solutions every year. The brand primarily serves the automotive, computing, consumer electronics, industrial and power, 5G and IoT, and industrial markets. The company is a leading supplier of small-signal diodes, MOSFETS, and transistors, EDS protection devices, and powerMOS automotive components. Because of its first-rate manufacturing and logistics capability, the firm ships over 90 billion electronic components annually. Since becoming an independent concern, Nexperia has held efficiency, quality, and reliability as its brand values. The company attributes success to its ability to bring designs to market with seamless execution. The firm understands that its clients require best-in-class products, and its 12,000 workers strive to make parts with zero defects. The company is also passionately committed to pursuing technological advancement and works to craft parts that feature genuine improvements with each new iteration. Recently, the company bolstered its component catalog with a new line of gallium nitrate (GaN) FET devices. Around 24 percent smaller than the previous generation, the firm’s new components also boast a power conversion rate of 650V. Because of their discreet form factor and robust capacity, the manufacturer’s GaN family of products is ideal for automotive, 5G infrastructure, and data center applications. Nexperia recently unveiled a range of ultra-small MOSFETs created for mobile and wearable device OEMs. In addition to providing outstanding EDS performance and a VGS threshold of 0.7V, the line is more than 36 percent smaller than the prior iteration. Though only a few years old, Nexperia’s proven drive for efficiency, excellence, and dependability will ensure its success for many years to come.

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