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Founded in 1992, Singapore’s FCI Asia Pte Ltd. made its name as a relentlessly innovative connector supplier. In 2016, Amphenol Corporation acquired the firm and integrated its impressive portfolio and talented employees into its brand. Today, Amphenol FCI is one of several crucial businesses that make up Amphenol ICC, a global interconnects solutions provider. With a workforce numbering in the thousands and manufacturing capacity on every continent, the division puts out products renowned for their affordability, precision, and dependability. Amphenol FCI and its counterparts work tirelessly to produce cutting-edge parts for the data, commercial, and communications industries. The subsidiary’s research and development teams specialize in fabricating AC-DC, surface mount, SSD, automotive system, and high-power connectors. Thanks to the department’s varied and in-depth expertise, Amphenol FCI’s engineers work on thousands of complicated microelectronics projects every year. By harnessing their vast knowledge, the designers guide partner firms through every part of the development process, from concept drafting to final production. Regardless if an OEM is facing commercial, operational, or technical challenges, the Singaporean business can help find a solution. For instance, a client recently told the subsidiary it needed a low-profile telecommunications connector that could carry over 100A. The company's engineers crafted a custom 2-in-1 component that combined the PwrBlade Ultra and the PwrBlock. The out-of-the-box solution satisfied the firm's needs because it provided consistent high-power density in a space-efficient package. Another customer approached the Amphenol subsidiary with a desire for a field terminable connector ruggedized enough to stand up to adverse weather conditions. The group came up with a tailor-made part: a field terminable interconnect with a watertight seal that provides power contacts at 20A-80A. When it comes to overcoming component design challenges, there is no better resource than experience. And that’s something Amphenol FCI has in great abundance.