KEMET Corporation

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Established in 1919, KEMET Electronics Corporation is one of the world’s largest and most innovative component companies. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based firm currently employs over 14,000 employees and maintains production capacity in China, Europe, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam. A leading global manufacturer, the organization provides its customers with capacitors, filters, inductors, relays, sensors, transformers, and varistors. With more than a century of production expertise, KEMET has become a trusted supplier to a wide range of OEMs and EMSs representing the aerospace, consumer electronics, defense, industrial, medical, telecommunication, and transportation sectors. KEMET has cultivated significant positions in a wide variety of markets by continually striving to diversify and optimize its offerings. The company’s portfolio features a number of world-class legacy components, but it also includes a host of next-generation microelectronics. The firm has directed its research and development efforts into emerging technologies like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G connectivity, electric and semiautonomous vehicles, and alternate and renewable power solutions. The corporation’s efforts to develop new and improved components has produced several impressive releases. The firm enhanced its KC-LINK series of capacitors by integrating it with its KONNEKT transient liquid phase sintering packaging technology. As a result, the line gained higher power density capability as well as better ripple current and extreme temperature tolerance. Therefore, the parts are ideal for use in markets like military radar systems and wireless electronic device chargers. In addition, KEMET’s MPXV metal composite power inductors offer significant benefits to automotive component manufacturers. The range provides robust power conversion while simultaneously minimizing EMI, which makes them useful in electronic control units. As vehicle electrification, infotainment cockpits, and advanced driver assistance system sectors are major growth industries, the firm’s portfolio will only become more valuable. Despite being over a hundred years old, KEMET remains one of the world’s biggest and most forward-looking microelectronics manufacturers.