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Established in 1988, Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. develops and markets a wide range of top-level integrated circuits. The fabless semiconductor company bases its core engineering and product management teams in its Milpitas, California headquarters, and employs multiple design groups in China, South Korea, and Taiwan. The brand also maintains a global footprint with offices located throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. ISSI specializes in producing high-performance, energy-efficient SRAM, low and medium density DRAM, and first-rate NOR flash modules. The firm’s catalog also includes wafer form memory products and analog and mixed-signal ICs. The company’s key markets are automotive, communications, industrial, medical, and personal electronics. In its early years, the manufacturer built its name developing high-quality, cost-effective solutions for the personal computer sector. But as technology advanced, the firm adjusted its focus to address the need for memory products in other fields. As such, ISSI has earned the business of market-leading brands like Cisco Systems, Ericsson, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. Because of its robust research and development resources and partnerships with cutting-edge foundries, the firm regularly releases boldly innovative products. The company’s recent offerings include its 128MB and 256MB Octal RAM. The modules have very low power consumption, offer configurable wrap burst lengths, and support double transfer rate operation. The memory chips are also available in four different temperature grade assortments. Strong enough to stand up to the rigors of contemporary vehicle systems, these products are also ideal for use in industrial, IoT, and medical projects. ISSI also recently introduced the world to its IS25LP and IS25WP family of SPI Flash devices. The two lines are distinguished by their versatile and high-performance memory architecture and advanced hardware/software security stack. The components are suitable for vehicle infotainment cockpits, industrial controls, and 4G LTE base stations. ISSI’s trailblazing spirit and decades of design excellence will ensure its position at the forefront of the electronic components industry.