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Infineon Technologies AG is a global leader in the field of semiconductor production. The publicly traded firm is headquartered in Neubiberg, Germany, and generated over $9 billion in revenue in the 2019 fiscal year. Established in 1999, the manufacturer maintains 22 production facilities across Asia, Europe, and North America and employs over 41,00 people. The brand's mission is to harness its creativity to make the world an easier, greener, and safer place to live. Infineon develops the unseen but ever-present components that enable megacity growth, vehicle electrification, and the increasing of digital connectivity in modern life. The corporation creates and makes cutting-edge devices for the automotive, digital security, IoT, industrial, and power management sectors. The company strives to expand its position in those markets by releasing new 32-bit MCUs, RF and wireless control devices, vehicle ICs, IGBTs, AC-DC power converters, and intelligent power modules. Over the last two decades, the company has come to understand that real innovation requires passion, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial instinct. For that reason, the corporation spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on research and development. And the fruits of the firm's labors are evident in its most recent product releases. Infineon's designed its SECORA ID S platform for governments seeking a highly secure but flexible method of electronic identification. The system utilizes cards embedded with SLC52G security chips that possess a storage capacity of 800 kb. Its robust and cost-efficient cards interface with a Java-based operating system and applets that are Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified. As a result, SECORA ID S is ideal for application in sovereign travel documents. The manufacturer also strategically acquires other firms to expand its portfolio and technological expertise. Recently, the company completed its acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor to become an industry-leading supplier of in-car and powertrain components. Infineon's devotion to building the technologies, systems, and electronic components that will serve as tomorrow's digital infrastructure ensures its continued success.