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    Alliance Memory, Inc. is a global vendor of memory products. The fabless manufacturer of electronic components has a presence in the United States, China, and Taiwan. Based in Kirkland, Washington, the company began its existence in 2006. The firm’s products have applications in the automotive, computing, communications, embedded Internet of things (IoT), medical industrial, and consumer electronics industries. Alliance Memory’s extensive catalog includes SRAM, DRAM, mobile DDRs, NOR Flash devices, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 modules. The company specializes in producing new and legacy replacement components made by the world’s leading manufacturers. The firm understands that the growing proliferation of edge computing systems and smart devices means end-of-life memory now has enduring utility. Alliance Memory is also passionate about forging lasting relationships with its clients. To provide maximum value, the company invests heavily in its wafers. That enables it to keep its quality standards high and its pricing affordable. The firm also endeavors to distinguish itself by quickly shipping samples and providing long-term technical support and outstanding customer service. In addition, Alliance Memory strives to fill its portfolio with the products that address the electronic components industry’s latest trends. By popular demand, the firm recently introduced its 8GB AS4C1G8D4 and AS4C512M16D4 CMOS DDR4 SRAMs. Both items feature 1333MHZ clock speeds, low 1.2V power consumption, and 2666Mbps per pin data transfer rates. However, it also gave each module specific characteristics to accommodate a slew of different projects. The AS4C1G8D4 series comes in a 78-ball FBGA package, features 1GB x 8 organization, and two temperature range variants. Alternatively, the AS4C512M16D4 has a 512MB x 16 configuration, 96-ball FBGA packaging, and can be purchase in commercial and industrial temperature range assortments. Alliance Memory’s devotion to product quality and customer satisfaction makes it a world-class memory component vendor.
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