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Eaton Corporation, established in 1911, is a conglomerate that specializes in producing a diverse array of power management solutions. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the company is a global brand that maintains factories in around 248 locations in 41 regions. The firm, which makes over $20 billion in annual revenue, employs more than 101,000 workers and serves customers in 175 countries. The company’s mission is to enhance the quality of life and improve environmental conditions via state-of-the-art power management solutions. The corporation pursues that goal by providing its clients with products and services that help them manage electric, hydraulic, and mechanical energy more effectively. Eaton supplies utility companies with circuit breakers, fuses, power distribution units, and smart meters to make power grids more efficient. The conglomerate also produces inductors, supercapacitors, and terminal blockers which foster digital transformation in the healthcare, industrial, and transportation sectors. In addition, the corporation develops innovative components OEMs are using to automate factory floors and build groundbreaking electric vehicles. Eaton is passionate about laying down the foundations for a better world; it spends over half a billion dollars on research and development. The company also regularly seeks out innovative brands that are making the world a safer and more sustainable place. In recent years, the conglomerate has added firms that make data center power monitoring solutions, manufacture harsh environment connectors, and produce medium-voltage equipment to its portfolio. Eaton’s tireless efforts to develop advanced power management products resulted in some impressive outcomes. The company announced the introduction of a new high-performance computing cluster, and it won a 2020 CIO 100 Award for its work in augmented reality. Because of its forward-thinking approach to design and manufacturing, Eaton has significantly impacted the world for over 100 years. Thanks to its commitment to developing humanistic and ecologically aware solutions, it should affect positive global change for a hundred more.

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