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Advanced Analog Technology, Inc., founded in 1999, is a leading integrated circuit (IC) design and manufacturing firm. The company conducts its operations from its Zhubei City, Taiwan-based headquarters. It also maintains offices in Taipei and Shenzhen, China. AAT primarily produces products for the navigation, home entertainment, computing, and personal electronics markets. The firm’s lineup includes power management ICs; switching regulators; personal navigation device components; DC-DC converters; digital camera power supplies; motor drivers, audio amplifiers; and low dropout linear regulators (LDOs). AAT came into existence after its founders observed that something was missing from the Taiwanese electronics sector. The group noted the island housed a wide range of manufactures but no firms specializing in analog IC production. As a result, the region had a strong demand for that type of component, and the firm commenced operations to address that need. Since then, the firm has provided its domestic and foreign clients with first-rate IC products. It has also recruited a host of talented designers to cultivate the next generation of analog technology innovators. The company also provides its workers with continuous training to keep their skills sharp and their thinking agile. Because its culture prioritizes employee development, product quality, and out of the box thinking, ATT has emerged as one of Taiwan’s top chip firms. One of the standout offerings in AAT’s portfolio is its AAT1118 Series thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) DC-DC converters. The product features two charge pumps, a boost regulator, and a shutdown function. It also supplies output voltage of up to 15V and accepts inputs ranging from 2.6V to 5.5V. The AAT1118 is also notable for its fast load transition responsiveness and robust overvoltage and over-temperature protection. AAT’s commitment to finding advanced analog solutions through continual education and development will drive its long-term success.



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