Sourcengine registration comes with numerous benefits that every OEM and EMS will want to take advantage of today.

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Registered Users Receive Select Price Reductions

Users who register and sign in qualify for customer specific prices that are more competitive than guest prices. Registered users can also receive special offers on select components and timely newsletter offers.

Payment & Credit Terms (upon approval)

A key benefit of signing up, especially in these uncertain times, is that our registered customers can apply for payment and credit terms with Sourcengine to have a bit of breathing room. This allows manufacturers to do what you do best: build the next great product.

Save and Manage Your BOMs

Only registered users have free access to our new BOM Management Tool. Simply upload your BOM and let us do the work across our vast network of suppliers. You won’t have to worry about long buy lists. We’ll handle them for you, and you can even save your BOMs for future use.

Reschedule Delivery Dates and Quantities

This is one of the most utilized benefits of registration. You never know when production lines will be disrupted and an order has to be rescheduled. Registered users can easily reschedule and know exactly when product is arriving.

Organize Your Purchasing Team

Procurement is a multi-team effort. From components to MRO supplies, multiple people make up divisions which all work together to keep a manufacturing plant running. Registering with Sourcengine allows you to organize your purchasing teams so they function as a cohesive unit.

Manage Your Search / Purchase History

Registered users have their own unique dashboards with search and purchase histories. There’s no need to go through endless excel files to find pricing on a particular component; we keep everything here for you, organized and in one spot.

Register today and get started with these and more benefits. All right here at…Sourcengine.
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