NextPower 80/100 V MOSFETs

Smaller, Faster, Cooler

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Key Features

  • low Qrr for high-efficiency and low-spiking
  • Low QG × RDS(on) FoM for high efficiency switching apps
  • Optimised body diode VSD=1V(max)
  • avalanche energy rating
  • Qualified to Tj (max)=175°C, meets IPC9592
  • Ha-free and RoHS compliant LFPAK56 package
  • Wave-solderable LFPAK56 package
  • 80V & 100V portfolio in LFPAK56 & LFPAK56E packages
  • ASFETs for hotswap & PoE included

Product Highlights

  • Ideally suited for power supply, telecom and industrial designs
  • Space-saving form factor
  • Low body diode losses, thermal resistance, and package inductance
  • Minimal reverse recovery current
  • Improved reliability
  • Enhanced ruggedness
  • Power-SO8 compatible


Suited for power supply, telecom and industrial designs


Low body diode losses resulting in lower reverse recovery current, lower voltage spikes and reduced ringing which allows for optimised dead-time


  • Synchronous rectifier in flyback and resonant topology
  • AC/DC and DC/DC converters
  • LED lighting
  • Full-bridge and half-bridge topologies
  • Motor control
  • UPS and Solar inverter
  • Hotswap and Soft Start
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Nexperia: Efficiency wins

Nexperia is a leading expert in the high-volume production of essential semiconductors, components with an extensive portfolio that includes diodes, bipolar transistors, ESD protection devices, MOSFETs, GaN FETs and analog & logic ICs. The company annually ships more than 100 billion products recognized as benchmarks in efficiency – in process, size, power and performance — with industry-leading small packages that save valuable energy and space.

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