Learn the Difference between Electronic Components Aggregators and an E-Commerce Marketplace

These two typical scenarios above bring into sharp focus the main differences between a parts aggregator and e-commerce marketplace:

Next-Level Distinctions: Further Advantages of a True E-Commerce Marketplace

The ability to transact and quickly select, source, and purchase electronic parts is the big advantage Sourcengine’s™ e-commerce marketplace provides over traditional aggregators. However, there are some additional benefits you’ll get with our streamlined, super-efficient e-commerce marketplace. These advantages include:

Let Sourcengine Expand and Enhance Your Supply Chain Management Today!

Learn more about the advantages of the Sourcengine™ e-commerce marketplace today. See how our supply chain software supplements traditional electronic parts aggregator functions. By clicking on "Download Free Infographic," you will be able to learn the difference between electronic components aggregators and an e-commerce marketplace.

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