Technical Details

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Power YES
Low-Bias YES
Wideband NO
Low-Offset NO
Micropower NO
Technology BIPOLAR
JESD-30 Code O-MBFM-P8
Sub Category Operational Amplifier
JESD-609 Code e0
Package Shape ROUND
Package Style FLANGE MOUNT Meter
Slew Rate-Min 20 V/us
Surface Mount NO
Terminal Form PIN/PEG
Power Supplies +-100 V
Screening Level 38535Q/M;38534H;883B
Terminal Finish Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
Voltage Gain-Min 63000
Temperature Grade MILITARY
Terminal Position BOTTOM
Unity Gain BW-Nom 5000 kHz
Programmable Power NO
Supply Current-Max 11 mA
Number of Functions 1
Number of Terminals 8
Qualification Status Not Qualified
Package Body Material METAL
Frequency Compensation YES
Input Offset Voltage-Max 3700 uV
Package Equivalence Code CAN8/9,.5FL
Supply Voltage Limit-Max 150 V
Operating Temperature-Max 125 Cel
Operating Temperature-Min -55 Cel
Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) 100 V
Bias Current-Max (IIB) @25C 5.0E-5 uA
Common-mode Reject Ratio-Min 90 dB
Common-mode Reject Ratio-Nom 90 dB
Neg Supply Voltage Limit-Max -150 V
Neg Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) -100 V
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) NOT SPECIFIED
Average Bias Current-Max (IIB) 5.0E-5 uA
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) NOT SPECIFIED

Compliance Details

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ECCN Governance EAR
HTS Code 8542.33.00.01
SB Code 8542.33.00.00